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Forums - Politics Discussion - Is Trump serving Americans or corporate America?

President Trump Signs Bill Overturning Internet Privacy Protections


President Donald Trump on Monday signed into law a controversial measure repealing online privacy protections established by the Federal Communications Commission under the Obama Administration.

The rules, which would have taken effect in December, required internet service providers — including Comcast, Verizon and AT&T — to obtain permission from customers before sharing personal data like their web-browsing history. The rules were aimed at preventing internet providers from selling that data without permission.


He's not the one we hoped for, and yes, I hoped to be proven wrong and see Trump serving the American people but he's just doing what others before did, serving corporate America. He could've vetoed the bill but he didn't, he gladly signed it.

Oh, and republicans? How can anyone still pretend they are for smaller governments? Just another bunch of corporate shills like most of the dems as well.

Your democracy, if you can still call that, is FUCKED by the left and the right unless you do something about it, and no, electing Trump wasn't all you needed to do. Move your ass or watch your western democracy continue sliding into being a much bigger tool for eastern autocrats and giant corporations to fuck you over and over.


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The issue is that many neocons go around crying about liberals, while liberals cry about neocons. See the issue?

While we are dropping our panties and arguing over useless garbage, we are seeing Trump and other leaders do terrible things.

As much as I spoke out against Clinton, would she (or any other politician) have created as much problems as Trump? Continuing the pipeline, selling internet information, reducing the budget of important divisions, wasting $54 billion more on the military...this man is a dumbass- simple as that.

Trump supporters deserve to be ridiculed for supporting such a terrible man. How can anyone not anticipate all of this? He's even turning the government into a neat way to give his family some jobs.



edit: how about we get some hackers to hack the people supporting this? We can release all of their information and sell it- after all, if they're gonna do it to us, I'm sure they don't mind similar treatment. 

hm.. can't really agree with Kyle here when he says there is no clash of believes

from what I have seen the ability of rich (american) people/corporations to fuck over everyone else is a deeply held believe and at the very core of the american way of life/american dream to a sizeable amount of people

Trump makes an actual dick move and the media is so busy screaming 'Russia' and 'Surveillance fail' that we barely hear about it.

Surely the "Guy Who Lives In A Wall Street Tower" and has never worked an actual middle class job a day in his life turned reality TV star turned president isn't in cahoots with big business special interests. I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya!

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Trump surprisingly would have more money if he left his $1 billion inheritance he got from his super rich daddy sit in trust funds, share and accumulate interest. Trump has made lots of bad business deals that do not get mentioned. What about his bad investments and being declared bankrupt 3 or 4 times? Trump has wasted lots of money touring the world promoting himself. Trump is a billionaire, just elect him in as President and he will magically make America great again without a real plan of action?

US Republicans are a weird group... It's this mish mash of badly strung together political beliefs from conflicting groups that see the united republican party as their only safe haven away from the evolving world. None of them are very happy with republican government as a whole, they just have some core belief which makes supporting a liberal government impossible for them.

The largest part of the republican party is made up of the racist right wing and the religious right wing. The corporatists are usually the ones who get into power though. The racists and the religious see their causes as so unachievable though that they're willing to put a mad man into office if it means getting their way.

This is shown in a new poll that showed that 39% of voters nationwide would still be okay with Trump even if he was proven difinitively to be working with Russia.

Trump is clearly considered part of the racist right wing or the neo-conservative group. They want the wall with mexico and the immigration ban and they think everything will just get better with those things in place... Despite the fact that all evidence shows that even under the best of conditions, those will have almost no effect on the economy or crime rate at all.

All of this is symptomatic of the bullshit factory that is the media today. The media who still likens Venezuela's economic troubles and Hitler's rise to socialism when even the smallest amount of independent research disproves those assertions.

pretty much all the politicians are, whether Trump or Clinton. pretty gross. 

there are a few politicians here and there who are somewhat noble, the Ron Paul sort of people on the side, but the media is controlled by the money (corporations) so the noble politicians don't ever get in front of enough audience of the country 

oh the "noble" Randal Paul (sure, he is not Ron, but aligns with his father very very closely) choose to "not vote" instead of voting against it - would still be 1 nay short in that case, but that's not a confident statement against corporatism from him

Go Trump, ILU

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...