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Forums - Politics Discussion - Is Trump serving Americans or corporate America?

Cobretti2 said:
serving corporate america is serving america. without them your avg joe has no job

Well, serving America is a meaningless term anyways. America only exists because there's a government with power that claims that area. Also, of course the average Joe isn't going to have a job without them when they control the means of production.

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LurkerJ said:
Aeolus451 said:

I replied to someone else with my point of view on this topic and I have no intention to "teach" anyone because that's a condescending way to have a conversation with others. My main problem is the way you worded everything in a very clickbait way and didn't really try to invite people with dissenting opinions to join in. 

I disagree, teaching is admirable, it's the ultimate gift. 

Also, the title isn't clickbaity, anyone who remotely watches the news could guess what the OP is gonna be about before clicking. "corporate puppets" and "corporate shills" aren't insults. They are short yet accurate descriptions that describe most of the politicians running the USA. The topic at hand is tightly related to those accurate terms. 

As for your point of view, I just read it, I don't entirely understand what you are talking about, ISPs are gonna get what they want regardless of what happens to net neutrality next.

Title is updated. Hopefully, it's more "inviting" now to both sides.

Some people are trying to spin this as trump is trying to get rid of the privacy rules that protect what they do online. That's just a knee jerk reaction to this. I'm not saying that's what you're doing, though. I tried to explain it earlier but in short, people's privacy will be protected and this is overblown.  

That's alot better headline. Thanks.

Trump only serves the interest of himself and his own family. Trump does not serve the interests of average Americans. Keep the rich, rich and the poor is poor.

Tootylicious said:
Holy shit, to think that this is actually happening... the thing is, Hillary would've had absolutely no moral (lol) issues signing it either.

"Hillary too!!" huh?

there is a reason she was called Obama 2.0, she would have continued the Obama administration position in this

Trump is making America great again