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President Trump Signs Bill Overturning Internet Privacy Protections


President Donald Trump on Monday signed into law a controversial measure repealing online privacy protections established by the Federal Communications Commission under the Obama Administration.

The rules, which would have taken effect in December, required internet service providers — including Comcast, Verizon and AT&T — to obtain permission from customers before sharing personal data like their web-browsing history. The rules were aimed at preventing internet providers from selling that data without permission.


He's not the one we hoped for, and yes, I hoped to be proven wrong and see Trump serving the American people but he's just doing what others before did, serving corporate America. He could've vetoed the bill but he didn't, he gladly signed it.

Oh, and republicans? How can anyone still pretend they are for smaller governments? Just another bunch of corporate shills like most of the dems as well.

Your democracy, if you can still call that, is FUCKED by the left and the right unless you do something about it, and no, electing Trump wasn't all you needed to do. Move your ass or watch your western democracy continue sliding into being a much bigger tool for eastern autocrats and giant corporations to fuck you over and over.