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US Republicans are a weird group... It's this mish mash of badly strung together political beliefs from conflicting groups that see the united republican party as their only safe haven away from the evolving world. None of them are very happy with republican government as a whole, they just have some core belief which makes supporting a liberal government impossible for them.

The largest part of the republican party is made up of the racist right wing and the religious right wing. The corporatists are usually the ones who get into power though. The racists and the religious see their causes as so unachievable though that they're willing to put a mad man into office if it means getting their way.

This is shown in a new poll that showed that 39% of voters nationwide would still be okay with Trump even if he was proven difinitively to be working with Russia.

Trump is clearly considered part of the racist right wing or the neo-conservative group. They want the wall with mexico and the immigration ban and they think everything will just get better with those things in place... Despite the fact that all evidence shows that even under the best of conditions, those will have almost no effect on the economy or crime rate at all.

All of this is symptomatic of the bullshit factory that is the media today. The media who still likens Venezuela's economic troubles and Hitler's rise to socialism when even the smallest amount of independent research disproves those assertions.