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The issue is that many neocons go around crying about liberals, while liberals cry about neocons. See the issue?

While we are dropping our panties and arguing over useless garbage, we are seeing Trump and other leaders do terrible things.

As much as I spoke out against Clinton, would she (or any other politician) have created as much problems as Trump? Continuing the pipeline, selling internet information, reducing the budget of important divisions, wasting $54 billion more on the military...this man is a dumbass- simple as that.

Trump supporters deserve to be ridiculed for supporting such a terrible man. How can anyone not anticipate all of this? He's even turning the government into a neat way to give his family some jobs.



edit: how about we get some hackers to hack the people supporting this? We can release all of their information and sell it- after all, if they're gonna do it to us, I'm sure they don't mind similar treatment.