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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch selling life time? (poll)

More than Wii levels.

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Too early to tell tbh... a year from now we should have a much better idea of how its gonna end up.

I'll tell you in a year's time. I don't even think the games are important it's just the it factor. Something that resonates with many people that was not there for Wii u but was there for ps4. I'd switch has that it factor, we will know in a year

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I think for the current model probably only about 8 million give or take a few million. I think a later revision will sell much better. A Nintendo DS vs DS lite situation. I think a model cheaper to produce than the current model could ship this year or early next year. I think a slightly more compact model with a smaller screen is a possibility to bring the Switch closer to the 3DS size format and make the Switch a more logical choice for previous 3DS owners.

Hard to say, it's so early. 50Mil, that's my stab in the dark.

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I think 100m, 80m minimum.

This is assuming that there is a Switch pocket released at the arrival of the first Switch exclusive pokemon game.

The platform in its current form has infinitely more appeal amongst people that I know over the Wii U. No one I know owns a Wii U (I live in the UK) but a handful have a 3DS, the Switch right now has more demand in my friends group than either of those systems. In terms of software its already kicking both Wii U and 3DS' first year lineup wise and I don't expect that to stop any time soon. I think it will have a better chance at securing adult gamers than the 3DS did... at the same time I also heard one parent refer to it as the "Wii 2" to their child :p

I could see the system in its current form selling 50m but I think the completely portable $199 revision that will arrive sometime down the road could double that number. The amount of double dipping will be huge (especially in Japan)

I hope above 50 mil.... that will be good with me!



These 100m predictions!! Lay of the shrooms

Darashiva said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Hey, that's the reason I bought a Wii U!

Nothing wrong with that, Nintendo games alone just aren't enough by themselves anymore to really make a console a massive success. More often than not Nintedo's own games are among the best on any of their console's, but for a wider audience the console is going to need support from big third party developers as well in my opinion.

3DS did well enough for a Nintendo only console. Ok so there are a few Japanese 3rd party games that do well but for the most part its a Nintendo/ Pokemon machine. Nintendo just need to support Switch like they did 3DS and not how they treated WiiU. Seriously look at just how many games Nintendo publish on 3DS

More than Wii U, PSVR, and Vita combined.