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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch selling life time? (poll)

if nintendo play the right cards it can easily surpass ps4.

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It will sell more than the WiiU but less than the Wii. :D

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Wii like numbers




50 mill

Tryklon said:

People seem to forget that 3DS keeps selling like hot cakes and has a 200Mhz GPU... for god sake, once and for all try to understand that SOFTWARE SELLS NINTENDO MACHINES! Not hardware.


Put 3DS side by side with VITA and check the differences. Now look at Wii U and ask, where are all the main IP's? Where is Monster Hunter, where is Pokemon, where is Animal Crossing, etc... thats right... they wont make the same mistake again.

Outside of MH not being from Nintendo(and there having a version on Wii U), yeah I agree.Not only that, but the games that were there werent all the ones people wanted(though they are still excellent).

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50-60 million lifetime I think. Just based on the content that'll be coming to it alone.

Too early. For all we know the switch will only last for a year. I am going to be optimistic. 100 million sold.

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Hmm.. I think it's too early to make estimations but I'll take a stab in the dark.

75 million.

killeryoshis said:
Too early. For all we know the switch will only last for a year. I am going to be optimistic. 100 million sold.

Without any competition it could last 10+ years.

100M+ and good luck to whoever tries to compete with it.

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RolStoppable said:

Let's compare 3DS+Wii U vs. Switch. Switch has:

1. Better hardware.
2. Better software.
3. More software.
4. No competition in the handheld market.
5. Nothing worth of note that has gotten worse since a generation ago.

Conclusion: Decline.

Wait, what?!

Real conclusion: Growth. Switch is going to sell more than 100m units.

It'll be fun looking back at this thread and seeing your prediction this time considering you were absent in that famous Wii U LT thread.