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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch selling life time? (poll)

RolStoppable said:

Let's compare 3DS+Wii U vs. Switch. Switch has:

1. Better hardware.
2. Better software.
3. More software.
4. No competition in the handheld market.
5. Nothing worth of note that has gotten worse since a generation ago.

Conclusion: Decline.

Wait, what?!

Real conclusion: Growth. Switch is going to sell more than 100m units.

1. True. At an increased price, but still true.

2. So far there's nothing but Zelda. You may argue all you want about promised content in the future, but as of right now that's not really true.

3. See 2.

4. Correct, but then again...was vita really a competition to 3ds? Sure, right now there's really no competition, not even theoretically, but I still don't believe vita took a significant amount of sales from 3ds in order to make this current handheld monopoly a significantly better place for switch.

5. Nothing has gotten better either. People's focus did not suddenly shift towards handheld gaming. If anything mobile gaming is still very much growing. 


Conclusion: If Nintendo somehow manages to produce the same support for Switch as they did for 3ds despite the obvious increase in development cost and time then it should see similar sales as the 3ds. If it doesn't - it won't. 

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30 - 130 million

Too early to really call. I think it is safe to say it will definitely outperform the Wii U, especially if Nintendo is more aggressive with its price. Personally, I'm guessing 50M-55M.

100 - 240 MILLION. J O Y C O N B O Y Z.

30-40 mil

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Way to early to call it but i'm guessing 25-40million but it definitely could be more.

If it does what I think it will (apps, revisions, games) and gets pretty good third party support, I see it selling 100 million.

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For now, I'll go with 60-80 million.

I think the Switch, if they were to stick to the same model, and just dropping the price (Very few and far between, I'd imagine since it's Nintendo) and just come out with the usual Nintendo support for BOTH home console and handheld (This thing is getting both its own mainline Animal Crossing and Pokemon Gen 8 sooner or later. Those two games alone are going to make the Switch explode. Three if Capcom hops on board and makes Monster Hunter 5 Switch exclusive.) than 60 million will be the amount it sells.

But, if we add hardware revisions that lead to more flexible price tags and options for consumers (like all other Nintendo handhelds), than I could easily vision the Switch doing 70-75 million and outselling the 3DS.

Plus, Sony making a new handheld seems highly unlikely to say the least, so when it comes to Japan and the dedicated handheld market, sooner or later, it'll be Switch or bust: For both the developers and the consumers. So, it's also possible that some Vita customers jump ship and get the Switch, which could bring the system to 80 million, where it could very well outsell the Game Boy Advance and PSP, and maybe even have a shot at reaching the 360 and PS3.

As far as 100 million or more goes. They'd have to do everything right in order to have a shot.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the Switch. It's a really great idea and concept. It's just a matter of execution and keeping up the momentum.

Sticking w/ the prediction I made a couple months back: 60-80 million. Maybe even close to 100 if Nintendo decides to support it 6 years like the Wii.


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All models they plan to release? Or just version 1? They have already spoken about using new models.
I think the Switch marks a completely new direction for Nintendo that goes beyond the ~5 year generations.

I expect we'll see a smaller handheld version, and then updates to the hardware, very similar to iPhone/iPad.

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