Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Without the Zelda name, Breath of the Wild would not score so well

I wonder if your position was similar when Uncharted 4 scored so high?

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Zelda is always the exception.

d21lewis said:
Every time I play a Zelda game, I think it's the greatest game, ever. Even when I go back and play the ones I skipped. There's a quality there that is rare. I forced myself to play Link's Awakening in like 2012 or something and even that game was a 9/10 to me.

I think the series gets the score it deserves.

I think there are Zelda games which are really good, and then there're some Zelda games which are masterpieces. And they're rated accordingly imo. Lesser games like Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, which are good games imo, don't reach the 90+ mark. Triforce Heroes wasn't rated highly. SS deserved those scores, is a brilliant game, but not close to ALTTP or OoT. I mean, maybe a franchise's love affects the score, but that happens with pretty much every game. I don't think that's relevant in the end.

Game of the year. Calling it right now.

I know that is a bold claim to make but based on the ridiculously high review scores already piling in and the fact that the Zelda series is both a videogame “darling” to not just the gaming media but to many who have been playing games for the better part of 30 years also adds an air of validity to this claim.

It also helps that each installment is amazingly well crafted and excels at the concepts it pioneered in the first place.

I haven’t played every Zelda game but it’s funny that even the ones I haven’t I just know will deliver a great gaming experience. There are few game franchises you don’t even need to pop into your console (or download digitally now-a-days, lol.) yet you know will deliver an amazing experience.

I have no doubt that BOTW will be no different in that sense.

However… (Didn’t think this positivity could stay the course did you?) even with that being said I have more than a “good hunch” that many people out there who are interested in this game will find it hard to shell out the money to purchase a new console just to get their hands on this game.

Many of the comments and feedback from gamers all over seems to be that despite their initial excitement in BOTW it still doesn’t justify buying a Switch thanks mostly in part to what many deem as a “weak” launch lineup in tandem with a whole host of other issues (hardware, price for what is offered, competitors, 3rd party issues.).

I can understand this concern as it does make sense. Buying a console mainly for one game usually is not a good investment especially if an individual can’t afford the luxury of spending money so frivolous.

No doubt individuals who are in this category but absolutely “MUST” play this game will seek out alternative avenues (playing the Wii-U version.).

Regardless of any of that I think there is one thing I think we can all agree on whether we feel this game is deserving of it or not.

You are looking at the gaming medias/industries 2017 Game of the Year.


Exactly my thought. And the truth is that it's reality.

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Well thé same goes for Uncharted

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Or maybe it is just that good of a game...ever think of that?

What if I told you, Sony 1st party devs are not the only devs that can create a top notch game?


Zelda>Horizon confirmed

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eh, It would be just a few points difference, maybe 3 to 5 (scale out of 100). It's a beloved franchised and some reviews may overlook some issues but not enough to like go from 80s to 90s, which is what I think you're implying

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Just accept that Nintendo have made a great game, credit where credit is due.

Stellar_Fungk said:
It's like saying that the Pet Sound album would not be held to a high regard if it did not have the name band name Beach Boys attached to the album name.

I was about to put a Beatles example, but The Beach Boys aint too shabby haha :P