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Forums - Sales Discussion - Shigeru Miyamoto: "In the world of fun, there's only number one."

He make some good points. Some rubbish ones too.
But I very much agree with his assertion to the effect of- 'Industry leaders don't follow. They lead.'

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It's a nice PR spin, but for those of us who actually remember a time when Nintendo meant great Nintendo 1st, 2nd, AND all the 3rd party support in the world, it rings kinda hollow. The only difference is now we have fewer software diversity on Nintendo platforms and long droughts neither of which is "fun", nor is Nintendo's obsession with trying to win back the mini-game audience, it's more desperate than original in a way, that was original *10 years* ago. 1,2 Switch is something that could have been on the original Wii and it looks inferior to even Wii Sports ... I personally don't call that progress. 

There is a number 1 and it's this:


Yikes. He's a bit delusional on the price point question. PS4 LAUNCHED FOR $399! Yeah...three years ago and is more powerful.

Granted I'm always forgiving when it comes to paying a premium on form factor.

I'll read this later on but really I was hoping to come into the thread and just see a single word quote from him of

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

Miyamoto knows what he is talking about.

That doesn't mean everything Nintendo creates will be successful, though. As the Wii U clearly proved. Not every blue ocean is a particularly attractive one. It's always a gamble on whether the time is right.

I think Kimishima is a good choice for president, as he gets the whole idea of Nintendo, while also being an efficient and pratical business man who understands the value of good bonds with investors and developers. Miyamoto, in his infinite focus on functionality and player response, needs a bit of a counter balance for products to ever come out and meet the reality of the market.

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Switch has potential, specially if its game cathalog exceeds just like the 3ds.
I dont think Switch is expensive. It´s a home console primarly after all.

But isn't "not having a corporate philosophy" a philosophy after all?

“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”

- George Orwell, ‘1984’

It's subjective, to many they aren't number one, or even relevant.

Great analysis, Rol! Fantastic to read and with really good points. Too many people don't know shit about business strategy and think that only what the others do is valid. Being different isn't a bad thing.

Yeah, here's my take on it:

Red Ocean: you're guaranteed there's plenty of fish in that part of the ocean, but you have to fight other fishermen...sometimes to death.
Blue Ocean: you're the only fishermen, but you have to prey to Gods of Olympus there will be enough fish in that part of the ocean.

As for Switch...I'm not sure, I don't care for handhelds, mobiles are slowly killing that market, so my initial reaction was that it won't do too good...but then again, Malstrom seems to like it, and he both predicted Wii's success and WiiU it might do well.