Forums - General Discussion - Is lack of gender/racial diversity valid criticism?

As long as they gave the role to the person that best fit the role then i'm fine.

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I have complained about it before. All I wanted was a legit RPG game staring Mii characters. That way, if I want 3 blacks and two west Asians, I can have that. There are not many, if any RPG games that star a black or Arab character so, it would be nice to play as a character that represents me.

As far as movies go, I prefer there be diversity. I feel like the best person should be the person for the job. However, I know that this is great in theory but never practiced. This is why I decided to go my own route, people treat me differently simply because I am not of a certain race. My ideas were welcomed, but I was and am not.

If I were a movie maker, I would want to have as many people represented as possible which is why a show like Sense8 made me so happy. I saw a great show, with great writing, with one of the most diverse cast ever. The show would not have been the same if it starred all blacks or all men. The differences of the characters; physically as well as emotionally, are what make the show so damn compelling.

I feel the complaint is valid at times but I do understand there are many times people are crying over spilled milk. It is a sensitive topic but I generally feel there should be more diversity because it gives me more to relate to.

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I have never seen anybody complain about the all-black casts in sitcoms like The Bill Cosby Show or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Lack of diversity is not valid criticism. It's not crying over spilled milk. It's making a fuss about nothing.

If diversity was truly in demand, then more diversity would result in more sales and success. However, movies and video games that champion diversity usually fall flat. And if they succeed, it's not because of diversity, but because they somehow got other things right.

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I just don't like having characters' ethnicities changed for modern adaptions. For example, Johnny Storm in the most recent Fantastic Four train wreck. Why is he black and his sister is white?

Then there's basic Hollywood whitewashing and (more recently) Japanese yellowwashing. Yes, I'm call Japan out of that shit: all of the characters in both Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan are German/European... So why the fuck are they all played by Japanese people now?

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LadyJasmine said:
As a person of colour, I rather see fewer people of colour but in high quality roles then filling a SJW quota of 'we need need to add a black guy in the cast as a stereotypical character'

Rey and Finn in SW7 works as they do not go Oh I am black or I am a girl, they are two quality roles.

What color? I'm probably mainly pink though i might look a bit bleached out in the wintermonths.


Really, it should be about where movies or games are set and when. Let's say it's some historical context. Like Master & Commander. That's where nothing but the 'all white all male' cast makes sense.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is late medieval, kingdom of Behemia. So there won't be tons of female soldiers or witches. And no people of color except pink.


Let's stay away from the US. A movie or game set in the modern german 'Ruhrpott' shpuld have a large portion of people with turkish ancestry. Something set in rural saxony should have little to no people with immigrant background (at least not the last fewhundred years).

Main problem here is a) thinking about color. Should be totally irrelevant today. But isn't irrelevant as long as people think about color.


The gender thing is another story. Would probably stop if media, especially games, dign't cater to much to one audience.

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Movies should be diverse when it makes sense and it makes the movie better to do so.  Not to hit a quota.  

Sometimes people have other motives that are not so hidden.  For example, I found it interesting that people complained that The Ancient One in Doctor Strange had been changed to a white person, but didn't complain that they swapped the gender.

There are movies and shows that blend in a mixed cast in a way that is natural and doesn't feel forced.  The Walking Dead is a good example of this.  Then there's the other end of the scale, like in the last Fantastic Four movie, where they changed the race of a character just because and it didn't make a lot of sense.

There are also times when a script calls for a character of a certain race and for some reason they mess it up.  I recently watched The Revenant and I thought it presented a balanced view of Natives, while using actual native actors.  Conversely, I was scratching my head when they had a Hispanic Chief of Staff in House of Cards and they inexplicibly used an East Indian actress to portray her.  Why do that?  Can people not tell the difference between those two groups of people??

theDX said:
Diversity means the lack of white people. An all-black cast of a movie is 100% diverse.

This is why pushing for "diversity" results in backlashes so often.

Diversity means variety.

Ironic straw man statements don't change that fact.

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It also goes the other way; sometimes people complain that people of a certain ethnicity are over represented in games. Resident Evil 5 comes to mind, the complaints were mostly revolving around the fact that the player was attacking Africans. in Africa. Who are zombies. Strangely, no one had any issues with murdering Spanish zombies in Resident Evil 4, it's a ridiculous complaint.
Same in Left 4 Dead 2, they complained about African American zombies that you could shoot. In New Orleans. There was also the outrage over the all male cast of Final Fantasy XV, such a disgrace. Final Fantasy X-II was no problem though, an all female cast is fine and not a disgrace. And the main protagonist of both FFXIII games is also female, still a disgrace about XV though, such a disgrace.

Some genres, like RPG's, both Fantasy and Sci-Fi, go another route and display entirely different species altogether, which is also diversity.

All that said, I wouldn't really mind some protagonists in action games that aren't a brown haired, white males with a boyish charm, it kinda gets old.
People complain about things, especially video games since the audience is easy to attack and the developers still aren't taken nearly as seriously as musicians or actors and directors.


GhaudePhaede010: Sense8 is a good example of diversity that adds to the narrative and plot. Great show, great cast.

Discrimination lead generally to a lack of diversity. Lack of diversity, however, does not necessarily mean discrimination.

The way I see it is that lack of diversity is a only a symptom, with discrimination being the actual malady.

Well, is certainly better when there is diversity and always suspicious when there is none at all.

Lawlight said:
Jazz2K said:
That's always funny because there is always some sort of backlash when non white male is lead in a movie or in a game but we shouldn't care when other than straight white male are mostly the ones portrayed in every medias...

Was the backlash against Tomb Raider? Or Lucy? Or Alien? Terminator? Independence Day? All those Disney movies. It's time to stop blaming straight white malea for every problem in the world.

But no problem doing the same with refugees and muslims.