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    < Ganoncrotch posted something on jigokutamago's wall:

    Yo Jigo, said I'd put it on your wall as I could see that thread being locked / I don't really want to bump it anyway.

    But have you played the 3d remake of OoT? I know the boss model you linked isn't massively different from his N64 brother, although even in that screenshot you can see that the room he is in has a massive amount more detail but some area's of the 3d version of the game are completely redone, the Temple of Time is one that I think was just incredible in comparison to the N64 game, it changed from being an empty gray room into an actual temple design.

    I was actually a bit shocked that the 3ds remake of OoT didn't get very much attention at all considering the love some areas of the game got... but I guess most of that lack of interest came from how poorly the 3ds was doing during that first year when this game came out on it.

    Also the cutscene pics you choose for FF7 are just that, cinematics I mean... the FF7:R game is going to look phenomenal but the PSone would have been capable of displaying that cutscene from the remake lol, just at 240p since it is pre rendered and the hardware doesn't need to do anything except for play an .avi file of it more or less.

    Now that you mention it, I only played OoT: 3D very briefly on a demo unit. Not enough I guess.

    The only point I was trying to make was that the two remakes are in vastly different situations and I didn't feel an apt comparison.

    Please don't think too much of the images, I only wanted to solidify that the FF7 remake was more of a complete overhaul but it only made it more confusing.

    on 23 May 2016

    < jigokutamago updated his status:

    Xenoblade = crack

    < jigokutamago updated his status:

    VGChartz is a super credible source, Socran.

    < Clyde32 posted something on jigokutamago's wall:

    Elim game started BTW


    So if you could maybe +Fiora and -Kirby, that would be great.

    I'm upset that Elma didn't get in though.

    < Clyde32 posted something on jigokutamago's wall:

    Alright then, I'm starting the game tomorrow. If you don't claim your item now, you'll have to claim it during the actual game.

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