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I give it a 9/10. 3rd best Star Wars movie so far imo. Only issues I had with it was the slow start and a few lore contradictions it created. 

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Found it today on yt. Just epic

So I saw the movie yesterday and fucking loved it. Vader's scenes were amazing.

The beginning seemed a little rushed and all over the place since it was jumping around from so many different places in a short amount of time, but I won't fault the movie for that considering that they only have a limited time to introduce not only the main plot but also all 6 of the main characters in the running time of the film, and once everything is introduced that's where the movie really becomes great. Not saying the beginning was bad, just a bit rushed imo but still good.

I also really liked all of the main characters, it was sad that none of them survived, but at least they were victorious in their mission.

Krennic was a great villain too. 

I'd give it a 9/10, I loved it.

Saw it today, it was amazing.

Oh yeah, I'll be SPOILERY, but I guess that comes with the territory in this thread.

Really, DON'T READ any further if you haven't seen it yet.

It's 2:30 at night here so I'll keep it brief but yeah, amazing. Really exceeded my expectations. The first half was maybe a bit slow, but the second half made up for that in spades. I loved the tons of easter-eggs everywhere and characters from pretty much every era. I loved there's now actually a decent explenation for what we thought was a design flaw of the Death Star and the Empire never knew. Darth Vader was total bad-ass, like really awesome, them having Peter Cushing (!) again in a pretty big role and 1977-Princess Leia in there was mindblowing. I'm glad that everything that needed to happen happens, they did't whimp out.
Couple of minor-nitpicks would be that there's no opening-scroll. What's up with that? Every Expanded Universe release had that, even the stupid Clone Wars movie did. Then there's the fact that the two main characters should have just been called Jan and Kyle, with those black Stormtroopers basically being Dark Troopers and with the plot being about the Death Star plans it's pretty much Dark Forces already. Then obviously "Jyn Erso" itself is inspired by "Jan Orso" anyway so might as well go all the way.

Then the best thing, this movie canonizes Knights of the Old Republic, because the Rebel cruiser that rams the Star Destroyer is a Republic Hammerhead from those games. They even mention it's name!

I'm going again on thursday.

FloatingWaffles said:

I also really liked all of the main characters, it was sad that none of them survived, but at least they were victorious in their mission.


Yes, this is what I mean in my post, the spoiler-tagged part, it had to happen. I'm so glad they didn't whimp out.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:

They should have just left Tarkin and Leia and others out of the equation. The technology just isn't there. They're not fooling anyone. It's completely immersion breaking, especially for someone who knows those faces and voices by heart. Leia was the worst, as it's essentially the last thing you see before the credits roll. Also, let us use our imagination. We don't need to see Leia receive the plans by hand and then blast off into hyperspace on Tantive IV. We can put two and two together.

I get that it's a prequel, but the filmmakers aren't doing themselves any favors by trading in nostalgia at the expense of the here and now. Rogue One was a chance to expand the Star Wars universe. By remaining so dependent on Episodes III and IV, it felt more like a contraction.

I know you posted this a couple of days ago but I only just seen the movie today and while I pretty much always agree with you or think alike, I got to disagree on this Veknoid.

Governor Tarkin was vital to have in this movie. Tarkin is the big man in the Empire's Death Star program. You see him at the start of it at the end of Episode III and obviously he runs it in Episode IV. It would be weird if he was absent now; being the man that started it to being absent to being in total control again. You'd wonder where he is and what he's doing instead that's supposedly more important and how he got back in full control like a day later considering this movie ends pretty much where IV starts. Cutting out Tarkin would mean having to cut any Death Star scene for it to make sense and for it to avoid complicated questions. Besides, they couldn't have done a better job with it. Personally I was totally shocked and confused because I didn't expect him to turn around in his intro-scene because I knew Peter Cushing's been dead for like 30 years. "Peter Cushing's really in here, what, how?" lol. Obviously though because he's a pretty sizeable role you'll see more and more imperfections and see he's CG, but like I said, that wasn't distracting in any way and they did an amazing job. Makes Arnold in Terminator Salvation look like a blow-up doll.

And as a side-note, I didn't mind Vader's pun either. He's always been a bit of a smart-ass, and has one-liners in every movie.

I think the plot maybe would've been more straight forward if ...

- Jyn's mom is killed, but she thinks her father has abandoned her for the Imperials.
- She grows up a "rogue" nobody (no pun intended) who's a smuggler or something
- The Rebel characters (all of them) get in contact with her because they want her for a big pay day mission: her dad is alive and he's helping the Imperials build the Death Star. They want her to help them get to him and she's promised a big pay.
- When she's reunited with her dad, she realizes he was forced to work against his will and he never tried to contact her for fear the Imperials would kill her. He's created a weakness is the Death Star to be exploited. 
- Seeing her father's sacrifice, she agrees to join the Rebellion.
- Second half of the movie plays out more or less the same, but I'd give Vader a little extra few bits and have less emphasis on pushing levers/buttons (that got kinda old). 

Something like that I guess. The first half with trying to find Forest Whitaker's character to find the father character was kinda all over the place, I think it would've worked better to get the "team" of Rebels together earlier on in the movie so they had more time to gel.

I enjoyed it a lot!

It was ok. 6 out of 10.

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This movie makes me sad knowing thé rest of thé new trilogy wont be as good

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