Saw it today, it was amazing.

Oh yeah, I'll be SPOILERY, but I guess that comes with the territory in this thread.

Really, DON'T READ any further if you haven't seen it yet.

It's 2:30 at night here so I'll keep it brief but yeah, amazing. Really exceeded my expectations. The first half was maybe a bit slow, but the second half made up for that in spades. I loved the tons of easter-eggs everywhere and characters from pretty much every era. I loved there's now actually a decent explenation for what we thought was a design flaw of the Death Star and the Empire never knew. Darth Vader was total bad-ass, like really awesome, them having Peter Cushing (!) again in a pretty big role and 1977-Princess Leia in there was mindblowing. I'm glad that everything that needed to happen happens, they did't whimp out.
Couple of minor-nitpicks would be that there's no opening-scroll. What's up with that? Every Expanded Universe release had that, even the stupid Clone Wars movie did. Then there's the fact that the two main characters should have just been called Jan and Kyle, with those black Stormtroopers basically being Dark Troopers and with the plot being about the Death Star plans it's pretty much Dark Forces already. Then obviously "Jyn Erso" itself is inspired by "Jan Orso" anyway so might as well go all the way.

Then the best thing, this movie canonizes Knights of the Old Republic, because the Rebel cruiser that rams the Star Destroyer is a Republic Hammerhead from those games. They even mention it's name!

I'm going again on thursday.