Deserves a second chance 164 69.79%
No second chances, bad boy knack. 71 30.21%

I will probably buy it because I think the co-op is decent and it looks like this one has more focus on co-op. I wonder if it will sell okay in Japan seen as they gave it away for free at launch :P may have gathered some fans over there lol

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The IP has potential like the order 1886, it just requires a different and more intresting approach.

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Knack 1 was fun. Knack 2 will be godly.

if Knack gets a sequel then Devil's Third or Devil's 4th should be next!

Sly Cooper or Jak and Daxter and they chose this pile of hot garbage to get another game. Seriously one of if not the worst "big" platformer (corridor) I've ever played.

Sad af Sony.

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bummer but it was expected. More than likely this is Sony doing Cerny a solid for designing the ps4 and for snagging Kojima.

There is potential in Knack, I'm excited for a second try, i enjoyed the co-op with my brother and it's even better now that both players can grow and interact with the cubes and stuff.

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Thread title should be "Knack 2: Poe's Law comes in full circle"

Even Knack got a second game...
Fuck you Sony.


Yeah. No newish Wipeout.


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