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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that you have seen the Nintendo Switch do you think it will be successful?


Based off what you have seen will it be successful?

yes 318 48.33%
no 149 22.64%
maybe 156 23.71%
see results 33 5.02%
other 2 0.30%
onionberry said:
Soundwave said:

If Sony released this as a Playstation 4 ... uh, you can bet some hell would break loose, lol. 

This is basically Nintendo going portable only with a side option for TV play. 

if this was the psp 3 people would be sucking sony's dick. Sorry for the raw language <3

I agree (not with the foul language) but the switch is a great handheld and is intended to appeal biggest market for games at the moment. 

I haven't owned a portable since the GameBoy colour but I'm interested in this.

Edited for clarity

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onionberry said:
Soundwave said:

It's impressive for a portable yes. 

For a console, it's fairly mediocre.

It depends I guess on what system you want. 

mediocre why?  I saw that dude playing skyrim remastered, you need some power to run that. Mario looks clean and fresh, we don't have official specs and we don't have the list of games (the most important thing) so mediocre why? 

I've been researching and talking about Tegra/a portable Nintendo system for basically over a year now, well before anyone else. 

There are pros and cons to it, the system is not going to be that powerful, not relative to a XB1/PS4, and certainly not even close to a PS4 Pro/Scorpio. 

There are real world thermal limitations, a system that small simply will overheat/melt at some point and/or the battery will die after 30 minutes. These aren't made up issues, and no Nintendo doesn't have some magic to overcome that. 

Beyond that, to me nothing in that trailer was graphically impressive if we are actually comparing it to modern home consoles. Everything looked possible on the existing Wii U. 

It is mediocre if you're comparing it to a PS4. It's very nice if you're comparing it to a Vita. Depends on what you want from a Nintendo system. 

I think parents will appreciate seeing only one game console on Christmas lists instead of two...
Though I think this does pose a challenge for households with more than one Pokemon trainer...
I would also like to know how this mix of portability and home comfort might affect established series if at all...
And are there still going to be dual screen experiences like Star Fox Zero or will Nintendo leave that in the past???

Have a nice day...

I don't see this selling as well as the two consoles its replacing. I see it being too weak for the home console crowd, and too expensive for the portable crowd.

I see it selling between the Gamecube and SNES - 20-40 million - which would mean about 35 million less than the Wii U and 3DS combined.

A mario 64 style game.
A zelda game at launch.

Unified library (its one device) -> more games for said device.

Yes this is going to be a success.

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I'm optimistic. Everyone I've talked to has been pretty excited.

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I don't see the appeal as a tv only gamer. As a successor to the 3DS, sure.
Seems a bit big though.

Still too early to tell.

I think the price needs to be maximum $249, it needs proper third party support (not old ports) and it needs android / iOS support.

I'll say yes it can do well, the preview highlighted a few things that were never clear in the Wii U unveiling, the's a much more clear indication of what it is and the concept and more of a commitment to the approach they've chosen. The name which people are moaning is actually quite marketable as it's simple and conveys the console's concept well, it also stands out much like Wii did so what they need is a good competitive price and marketing. Third party support seems to be already above what the Wii U had with Skyrim Remastered, DQX, DQXI, Sonic and NBA on the way.

In Japan? Surely. Worldwide? I doubt it. Sony and MS have so much more ground on them at this point.

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