Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Telltale games says the Windows Store offers wider reach than Steam, will port full catalogue there.

telltale was basically the first and only developer to support amazon fireTV.

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Anyone of you bought many games in the Windows Store yet?

I bought 4 games there for my Windows tablet: Machinarium (€1), Modern Combat 5 (€1), Halo: Spartan Assault (€2) and Halo: Spartan Strike (€3), so I "invested" 7 Euros there yet. Who can beat that? ;)

I guess it makes sense for people who make games that can run on pretty much anything, no matter the restrictions

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This is a plus to the casual gamer but a minus to the rest. Can't even stream KI without a second monitor

Any pc gamer will likely recommend steam to anyone interested in playing games on pc over using windows store. Why? Mods. Windows store will ultimately have the same reach or less as steam does to anyone wanting to buy a game, not more than.

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More ways for the developer to sell their games ultimately is great for games development and reaching a wider audience.

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Yeah, cashiers would play Walking Dead on crappy PC running Windows 10 in front of me.

I love you Microsoftcore.

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But all of Steam's active users are on Steam specifically to play game. How many can be said for Windows?


I'd also like to know how well their widening of audience is actually going. People going on the windows store to get the office suite are not magically going to buy telltale games just because they are there.

I guess broadening your horizon is a good thing, but microsofts attempts to gain control of the gaming space on PC disgust me, so I'm sort of dissaponited in studios jumping on it. Then again Telltale is on virtually anything, wich I always saw as a good thing before.

Vasto said:
CosmicSex said:

Windows Store has to come preinstalled because otherwise no one would download it. 



Dont like it, dont use it. 

No one likes it.  Thats the point.  Unfortunatly, I can't remove it from my computer... I tried to use it to find a calculator program once because like other here, my calculator stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10.

The amount of people with Windows 10 does NOT equate how many people use Windows 10 for gaming. Silly, Telltales.