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For the NX to be a success how many units need to be sold?

10-20 million 8 1.91%
20-30 million 52 12.44%
30-40 million 137 32.78%
40-50 million 84 20.10%
50-60 million 93 22.25%
It doesnt matter what it sells NINTENDOOM! 27 6.46%
Whats an NX? 17 4.07%

40+ regardless if it's a handheld, home console or both. Nintendo can't really just turn a profit on it. People in general need to perceive it as a success. Is Nintendo still relevant as a video game console maker to gamers or is just a shadow of it's former self just trying to turn a profit? Is it able to replicate that wii's level of success or was that a fluke?

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60mio +

even 3ds sold more and it kinda flopped

Darwinianevolution said:
60-80m if the NX works as both handheld and home console.


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Ask Nintendo.

For the home console alone? more than 30m.
For handheld + home console? more than 70m.

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If it's a console, I'd say doubling the Wii U user base would be a success. 25 Million would be enough to sell plenty of games too.

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Rain2 said:
If it's a console, I'd say doubling the Wii U user base would be a success. 25 Million would be enough to sell plenty of games too.

Exactly this.

Every Nintendo home console with the exception of the Wii has failed to outsell its predecessor.  The NX just turning the ship around and outselling the Wii U is going to be a tall order, but if the NX can actually double the Wii U's install base and sell 25 million consoles, I would have to consider it a success.

Of course, there is always the chance that the NX could catch lightning and become crazy popular in which case the bar for success should move up to 60-80 million.  Assuming that the NX doesn't become a pop culture symbol, however, I think 25 million is a very reasonable milestone to shoot for.

30m if it's console only, 100m if it's a handheld and console. The Wii U and 3DS are probably going to reach 75-80m combined when both are discontinued with the Wii U seen as a failure and the 3DS seen as a disappointment when compared to past handhelds. If the NX can't even come close to those numbers if it's both a handheld and console, then it's a failure.

For some people?

10 billion units at least, or else it's flop city!

In reality, anything... just not to be the whipping boy of the Vita would be a good thing. Just to keep up with the X1 or maybe move up at 3/4 of the PS4 right now, that would be fantastic work and a great comeback for Nintendo from the Wii-U failure.

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I think it depends on how well software does. I wonder how Nintendo will fare. Will they regret not being able to sell two mario karts, two smash bros, or whatever franchise to their consumers.(i.e. They sold me Mariokart 7 and 8, but now will only sell us 9). Will the attachment rate be as high as the consoles, as low as the handhelds, or somewhere in between?

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