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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gaming Exclusives Hurt the Industry

Btw there are lots of PC exclusive games in the market. There are also hurting the industry. This needs to stop. Lol. This dual mentally is carefully skipped by OP.

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Bring Solitaire to PS4 you greedy PC d-bags! 3D Space Cadet Pinball, Minesweeper, Club Penguin....
I could go on for days!

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after the kojima news I'm certain I really just need a ps4 for this gen to get all those games for me.

Is anyone actually taking the OP seriously???

Versus_Evil said:
Where was your thread when ROTR was announced as a 1yr exclusive? .........

Come on, you'll make things have to make sense now?

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LivingMetal said:
Is anyone actually taking the OP seriously???

under cover joke thread

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noname2200 said:
If there weren't exclusives, why would there need to be more than one console?


This pretty much.


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Exclusives do not hurt the industry. They help increase console sales and they encourage competition. For example, why did Sega even bother creating Sonic the Hedgehog as well as the now-defunct Sega Technical Institute development team? It's because Nintendo had most of the exclusives as well as most of the general third party support. These games helped boost Genesis sales which brought more third party support to that platform which meant that Nintendo had to be more competitive. As a result, we got StarFox, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country. As kids, we got better games because of exclusives.

As for the backlash against exclusives, before 7 or 8 years ago, I never heard anything like that before. Yes, it was a little frustrating when you had a game that looked good coming to a system you didn't own, but you also expected it. You had several choice. You could sell the system you currently own and by the competing system. Save your money and buy a second console, or just not play the game at all.

Besides, what would be the point in having three competing consoles if they all had the same games?

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Too many logical mistakes in the OP.

Some of these exclusives wouldn't even be made without the help these console makers so its either you suck it up or have no game at all.