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Exclusives fuel competition and that can actually be beneficial..

Competition in theory should help with quality and that is generally the case

..but there are always downsides for exclusives too. Unless the big 3 companies all merge to make one console, there will always be exclusives :p

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You are absolutely right.

I hereby want to petition developers to bring CS:GO, LOL, DOTA 2, every MMO ever, proper support for Team Fortress 2, strategy games and everything PC related to the consoles.
Exclusivity is a bad thing so let's get them babies on the consoles as well.

Eh, no? As far as I know, some exclusives has actually helped the industry. For example, Bayo2 being funded by Nintendo. Or this time Sony helping Kojima.

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without exclusives game consoles would be useless and everyone would switch to PC without question




If there weren't exclusives, why would there need to be more than one console?

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Comparing an independent new studio in need of funding to make an AAA game to Tomb Raider which was already in development, and just got paid to keep it away from other consoles?
Sounds legit.

Exclusives are good when done right. For example first party exclusives. They push for more competition.
And this is going to be a new IP. Not like Tomb Raider which is the second game of a series, and already had an established fanbase on other systems, but don't get to play the game for a year or so.

After Kojima Productions have released their game, and it's hopefully successful, they'll have more options in terms of their next project.

Sprash said:
OneKartVita said:
Pc technically gets the most exclusives right? They really need to start sharing more of them with consoles. It's damaging the industry.

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I don't want all these chinese games.


Neither do I but we can't have pots calling the kettle black!  You'll get people moan oh why is this on consoles but not pc,  oh why is this on 1 console but not pc.  but you'll never hear them say,  oh look XCOM devs only making it on PC.  Bad devs,  bad for the industry should be made for consoles too.  


The sooner we get over this double standard the better. 

Azzanation said:

"Now before you start blasting me about this deal being completely different, let me explain something. When a game comes out on 1 platform and isnt allowed on another console, its moneyhatting regardless on how you look at it."

So titles like Crisis Core or Drakengard are moneyhatted simply because the developer chose to develop on a single console? There's a lot more factors involved than simply "moneyhatting." Your stance is very jaded, and if anything exclusives help this industry more than anything. If every game comes to all machines then what's the point of three different boxes?

lmao wrong
this is born out of competition
competition forces companies to make better games
or create games that werent even possible in the 1st place

But this situation IS different, there is no way to deny it.Kojima just opened his studio, and unless he is secretly a multi millionare, he will need to find a publisher to fund his game, since I guess the money th studio has is really small, being a new studio.So having Sony entering with the money and just asking a game out of the deal, so that Kojima makes money with this first game has better chances to make his many other games without need further banking or publishing(or at least to a smaller degree) is the best case scenario for everyone.Exclusivity in excess may hurt the industry, but this dosnt.Actually, the competition is good for the industrie health.To be quite honest, you just sound butthurt that you wont have a PS4 to play his game.

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