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Ok so after reading the news, im hear to discuss and want to be explained what the difference is with Exclusives and moneyhatting? In the article below we read about Sony's *Partnership* with Kojima.

What difference is Kojima partnering up with Sony or CD partnering up with MS apart from the Timed exclusiveness.

Now before you start blasting me about this deal being completely different, let me explain something. When a game comes out on 1 platform and isnt allowed on another console, its moneyhatting regardless on how you look at it. Kojima wouldnt be partnering up with Sony if it wasnt for the money, people dont work for free. Clearly Sony got in before anyone else to secure his next game. MS got in with CD to secure there next big game (Tomb Raider) before anyone else. Only difference is MS went for a multiplat game which explains why its not a permnament exclusive.

What are the joys in this deal with Kojima with Sony if you dont own a PS4 or PC? The gaming community needs to get there head out from there @£$ and look at the bigger picture. A deal is a deal, using the word partnership is the biggest load of garabe that poisons the industry. So now all we get is a bunch of Kojima fans who dont own a PC or PS4 that will miss out on his next product much like Sony's deal with SF5 or a year wait for TR which MS achieved.

Kojima would have formed his company either way and made another game. This deal is nothing more then every other deal that happens in the gaming industry except for the fact the reception it gets from the gaming comminity is nothing more then a good thing... wtf

I will wait for the PC version but im lucky i invested in PC gaming and will be running 4k mid next year *hopefully*. I am not even a Kojima fan and would probably pass anyway since i havent even brought MGS5. I just feel for those who miss out. Thats all.

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It's good for developers who actually need more funding/publicity. Games like No man's sky get emphasized to the public (rightfully so), while also getting some help from Sony to make a great game. Shovel Knight also got excellent publicity and help from Nintendo to propel it to where it is today.

With all the exclusive deals we've been hearing about lately, isn't console gaming at an all time high...? Answer: Yep.

Do you think you can make AAA game with piggy bank money? If big publishers were not there then these games would die or appear as small android game. And with these competition innovation would just die.

If Sony wasn't funding Kojima's new game then their exist the chance he would need to self fund it. If thats the case there would still be little chance it came to Xbox considering how well Japanese games tend to do there.

This is good for everyone because Kojima can be a lot less careful, and therefore more creative with Sony's money than with his own.

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"I just feel for those who miss out. Thats all."

Oh you , you such a sweetheart
Concerned about those poor people.


There are levels and levels on exclusivity in games. First, the 1st party games, that are created to sell the hardware. They are going to be exclusive, and they were never meant to be on other platforms. Then there are the games that are funded by the publishers. If those games couldn't exist without that money, like Bayonetta 2 or Shenmue 3, then we aren't losing anything. At the contrary, a game that wasn't going to exist has a chance, albeit in one single system.

After that, the exclusivity deals tend to get shadier and shadier. Competition between companies is always good. It's cases like the ROTR, when a game that was obviously multiplat becomes exlusive (in this case, for a while), nobody wins, the result is some people missing on that game.

Kojima probably needs funding to keep its new studio independent, and if he has to make one exclusive title to achieve it, so be it. As long as the rest of his games aren't one platform only, I'm fine.

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Now that I think about it, the real difference here is that the Xbox One exclusives have yet to serve in propelling sales past the PS4 or at least help narrow the gap while the PS4 exclusives have helped ensured its lead over the Xbox One. With this logic of events, Kojima working with Sony can only help the PS4 cause. This is why gaming exclusives hurt the industry, see. Good talk.

Pc technically gets the most exclusives right? They really need to start sharing more of them with consoles. It's damaging the industry.

Exclusives help sell consoles and fuel creativity. I buy very few multiplats, despite owning multiple systems. I prefer a gaming world where different devices present unique experiences. All of the great eras of gaming have been fueled by software competition.

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