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Forums - Gaming Discussion - UPDATE Prediction on 90+ 2016 Exclusive Titles

I've been reading certain comments lately. Related to what does and doesn't matter when picking up a console.

Apparently sales or popularity is a very controversial subject. Raw performance and features are always discussed. And of course we have the Japanese support as an always present subject of interest.


But there is one factor and only one factor that everybody seems to agree on:  

Games are the main reason to buy a specific console for.


The quality of a game will always be subjective to everyone’s perception. But there is a way to narrow down this criteria:

Review Scores.

Like them or hate them, these scores are the only way of condensing quality into a quantifiable number for study purposes.


So I started doing just that, and while checking different game scores for the past 5 years, I realized something that has been slipping through the cracks of every gaming discussion we've had.

Where are the highly acclaimed Xbox titles of the last lustrum? Can you remember the last time XBox got a exclusive release that scored 90 or better?


Suddenly, the topic of this thread took a drastic change. And here I am, telling you that I can predict the future.

History tends to repeat itself. Therefore I have the right of making a bold prediction:

The XB1 will not get a 90+ Metacritic exclusive game in 2016 but both the PS4 and the WiiU will.


Am I right for using a tendency to make an assumption this dangerous -or- should I start getting ready to eat my own words in 2016?



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History doesn't. Hence why there has been no WWIII...

Epic was right all along... 

When you say "game" you really mean "exclusive", right?

Certainly you mean exclusive, right? Either way, I think Scalebound could score 90+.

Opps yes. I mean exclusives.

Let me edit that. Thanks

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I do wonder the last time a console didn't get a 90+ exclusive in its first two years. Looking forward, I'm not sure what the game that could do it would be. Scalebound, Gears 4, Crackdown, Quantum Break seem like games that would be in the 80s.

But if you have plenty of exclusives in the 80-89 range, not having a 90+ game isn't too big a deal.

If anyone is wondering. The last 90+ Xbox exclusive was Forza Motorsport 4. Back in Oct 11, 2011

Maybe not, but why is that important? Ori got 89 but in my view it rivals even Super Metroid in quality.

Ori and the Blind Forest got a 88, and its the closest to a 90 indeed.

The problem is, Ori is not an XBox exclusive. I played it on PC.

The_BlackHeart__ said:

Ori and the Blind Forest got a 88, and its the closest to a 90 indeed.

The problem is, Ori is not an XBox exclusive. I played it on PC.

Are we going into this again?

Epic was right all along...