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Favourite Nintendo Console/Handheld?

NES 9 4.27%
SNES 43 20.38%
N64 32 15.17%
GameCube 26 12.32%
Wii 10 4.74%
Wii U 44 20.85%
GB 4 1.90%
GBA 10 4.74%
NDS 16 7.58%
3DS 17 8.06%

I'm really pathetic and have no friends. Please excuse the trolling message that used to be here, I don't know any better.

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I'm really pathetic and have no friends. Please excuse the trolling message that used to be here, I don't know any better.

Favorite console.... hmm. That's tough. Snes, n64, gamecube.... favorite handheld? 3ds, hands down for me.

N64 easily. Plenty of good games itself but also the ability to play Pokemon without using a handheld. It was a great console

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N64. Such an onslaught of classics on the system it can't be ignored. Both Nintendo's and Rare's prime, and no other console really comes close for me with the SNES being in comfortable second place. It was pretty much the Golden Age of gaming. But that last bit goes for everything, the best Sony games and the best games on PC were also from this era if you asked me. I find it amusing this poll has WiiU at the top, this console is, even with Super Mario Maker, actually fairly disappointing to me and sits in last place instead.

So N64 overall and obviously also N64 for home-consoles only. Handhelds are a little more difficult, before the 3DS I would have said "GameBoy" just as easily as I said N64. However, 3DS really made a name for itself and let me see a shimmer of hope in the creativity of games today. Many instant classics, and the system with the most entries in my list for Smeags' end-of-the-year Top 50 thread since generations. However, when all else is the same, I look at Zelda. GameBoy wins here hands down, because it has Link's Awakening. 3DS's remakes aren't as impactful. Therefore I'd still give the notch to the GameBoy.

Home console: N64
Handheld console: GameBoy
Overall: N64

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Console: Tie between GameCube and Wii
Handheld: 3DS

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SNES.Had so many great memories with it, not only to mention that is has in its library many games that are considered the best of the genre, or even one of the bests of all time

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Super NES and Nintendo DS I think.

Hard to choose between SNES and Nintendo DS, but I prefer home consoles so my vote goes to the SNES.

Console: SNES

Portable: DS