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Favourite Nintendo Console/Handheld?

NES 9 4.27%
SNES 43 20.38%
N64 32 15.17%
GameCube 26 12.32%
Wii 10 4.74%
Wii U 44 20.85%
GB 4 1.90%
GBA 10 4.74%
NDS 16 7.58%
3DS 17 8.06%

Wii U- Not only has it got a fantastic library of games, I can also have access to the full Wii library and NES,SNES,N64,GBA and DS games. There is very good Indie support too. The gamepad is great for off tv play, and I also use it as a standalone tablet for internet browsing (having youtube on the telly whilst browsing VG Chartz on the gamepad is cool), Netflix, creating drawings via art academy etc. There is also a plethora of control options suited to any type of gamer, with Gamepad, pro-controller, Wiimote, nunchuck,and Gamecube controller. All software/system updates are downloaded in the background or the Wii U automatically activates a standby mode to pick up and install downloads when the console is not in use. It's also very user friendly with most external hard drives which has come very much in handy for me to add 2TB of memory. All in all its an efficient machine with a great software library and light years better than their last system, unfortunately it has only a fraction of the sales which is a damn shame.

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Home console:WiiU and/or Gamecube
I can't choose, they're both great with the best Nintendo games of all time (imo).

Handheld: 3DS
Because games.

Easily the SNES! its library of games is simply amazing! Mario World, Mario RPG, Earthbound, Super Castlevania IV, Mega Man 7, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, etc...

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Wii U has become my favorite with some ease, and next year is only going to consolidate than even more.

It's kinda sad, though, that I used to say that about 2015.

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SNES for home consoles. Very strong library of first and third party games and a lot of them have held up pretty well. For portables it has to be the DS, for similar reasons as I gave for the SNES but also the dual screen and touch screen were pretty big innovations.

Snes without a doubt. Best rpg's I have ever played and it's not because of nostalgia goggles I have replayed a lot of them years later and I still think they are the best. Secret of evermore, secret of mana, terranigma and link to the past are so so good! Also, there are some masterpieces like Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, DKC 2 and 3 and so much more. That system was incredible. Also best controller ever.

As for handhelds I can't say, original gameboy, gameboy color, advance and ds lite are all perfect, couldn't pick just one.

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