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Favourite Nintendo Console/Handheld?

NES 9 4.27%
SNES 43 20.38%
N64 32 15.17%
GameCube 26 12.32%
Wii 10 4.74%
Wii U 44 20.85%
GB 4 1.90%
GBA 10 4.74%
NDS 16 7.58%
3DS 17 8.06%

i would go for WiiU, i only own NES, Wii, WiiU, and a 3Ds. so I'll go for WiiU. Played a lot of hours at SNES as well and a bit from N64 but i won't count it as I've picked only console I own.

Nostalgia wanted me to pick NES but I'll pick WiiU for its great games.

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-N64 is not only my favorite Nintendo console, it's also my favorite console of all time.

Why!? Because of best game of all time Zelda Ocarina Of Time, but also other great games, Golden Eye 007, Mario 64, Pilot Wings, Banjo Kazooie, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64, Blast Corps, Zelda Majora's Mask, Diddy Kong Racing..

-Game Boy best handheld.

Console: Wii
Handheld: Gameboy

NES. I have over 400 games to the console hehe :)


That console was so great, 3rd gen Pokémon, advance Wars 1 and 2 fire emblem the sacred stones, kingdom hearts chain of memories, sonic advance series, shining force remake, golden sun series, snes ports. So many of my favourite games on this device.

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I've meant to say which console/handheld is your favourite, not which console and handheld is your favourite... but since everyone is doing that, I guess I will too :p

So my favourite home console is the Wii U because of the games. The GameCube is a close second but I really enjoyed the games on the Wii U... Mario Kart 8 to Double Dash, Smash 4 to Melee, TWW HD to The Wind Waker, Pikmin 2 to Pikmin 3, etc. Though I really like the GameCube controller, the gamepad works just as fine and with off TV play and using it as a remote, these handy features do help a lot.

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GBA because of Advance Wars.
And NES because of Contra.

The rest of the systems are ok I guess.

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Gosh, such a hard question. They have so many great consoles... T_T Maybe the SNES? That one had some of the best games ever!!!! @_@ Handheld, probably the DS. There were soo soo many games on it, and a lot of them were goooooooood.

And by my comment, I mean SNES overall x )



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From nintendos concept/philosophy at the time i think gamecube. Softwarewise snes or n64 cuz i can play now Resi 1 & 0 on PS4