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That sometimes happens with growing older. You may try more casual games or little games with fun ideas or just relaxing games.

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Just go back to those old games that made you love gaming.


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this happened to me. the only games i play now are Melee and occasionally Civilization.

Give up on it for awhile and then look at your game library and decide what sounds fun to play. I recently started playing Mario Golf: World Tour again and having a blast. Didn't realize I didn't complete the challenges and still had a bunch of stuff to unlock.  I don't even need nor should I purchase any new games.  I bought way too many and haven't even played 15-20% of them.  I still have urge to buy new games though.

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Game Over.

Either you are full of gaming or not playing the right games.
Do you always play alone? If so try playing multiplayer games, trying investing in a MMO game, maybe you need to feel some need to play.
Which games gave you fun before? Try looking for similar games and see if they are still fun of not.

Were you playing too much recently? If so give it a rest and try again latter.

You may also simply have developed other tastes as well or be in need of changes, if you are are not having fun with anything else anymore, maybe you just want changes and get out of the routine, so try different stuff and come back to gaming after some time.

Maybe try playing with friends. My most enjoyable times are playing with them, especially games like Mario Party and Smash Tour/Run. So much yelling is involved, but we all laugh in the end. x ) Or like Mike said, play your old favorites. I sometimes go thru a megaman X or Sonic 2 run just to recall old good times x )



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buy Metal Gear Solid 5

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Play Smash Bros/Mario Kart with younger relatives, or introduce them to them :D

Play Splatoon! That's all you really need to do.

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