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Final Weekly Rankings

Rankings for a given week will be added once rankings for the following week shows up on Amazon. Also note that September NPD has 5 weeks, which is why the last week doesn't end before 4th of October.

Week 1 (Aug. 31st- Sep. 6th)

#22 PS4 TTK

#78 XBO Madden

#98 XBO Forza 6

Week 2 (Sep. 7th-13th)

#11 PS4 Star Wars*

#15 PS4 TTK

#38 XBO Forza 6

#61 PS4 standalone

#65 XBO Gears

#94 XBO Madden

Week 3 (Sep. 14th-20th)

#6 PS4 TTK

#15 PS4 Star Wars*

#34 XBO Forza 6

#38 PS4 TLOU:R

#75 XBO Gears

#77 Wii U

#84 XBO Madden

Week 4 (Sep. 21st-27th)

#9 PS4 TTK

#32 PS4 CoD*


#59 PS4 Star Wars*

#66 XBO Forza 6

#83 Wii U

Week 5 (Sep. 28th-Oct. 4th)

#22 PS4 TTK


#81 XBO Halo 5*

#87 PS4 CoD*

#95 Wii U

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Well, lets kick things off with Metal Gear then:
Metal Gear in the Hourly is:

MGSV PS4 Digital #34
MGSV Xbox One #54

I didn't count the bionic arm bundles.

Metal Gear Solid 5, its so amazing! Best Game of the Year!


Uncharted 4 special editions doing nicely at #3 & #8.

I wonder if X1 is doing so badly because people are waiting for another batch of the Halo bundle to become available for preorder.

Mario and uncharted doing well. Xbox is on top of ps4 (people are waiting for the taken king i assume).