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Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition PS4 Bundle has sold out. They are sold out of all PS4 SKUs but one.

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This is my first "tag" post. I'm not a tag virgin anymore!

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CosmicSex said:

The Batman Bundle reenters the top 100 at $469.00. How does the PS4 continue to sell that well?

Because it has the "it" factor going for it.



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First monthly charts just came up, To tired to type them I'll let someone else do it :)

Sold out of all PS4 skews.... >.>

Amazon good name will be ruined. Long live social media as a sale indicator.

September starting off kinda boring on Amazon US. Mean while 5 PS4 SKU's in top 100 on Amazon UK.

forza is at #87 hope it gets to the top 15 soon

Preliminary weeklies are up (and everything is really low....)

PS4 Destiny TTK @ #29
XBO Madden 1TB @ #87
NN3DS XL @ #100