Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is now the worst time to be a Nintendo console owner?

I think now is the best, so many great game to play. Yes I'm disappointed that I'm likely not getting a metroid or animal crossing game on console, but other wise its been great!

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Only in terms of major third party content.

Among their Nintendo offerings, they haven't been this good quality and diversity since the early days of the GC among home consoles. Although at this point if you are a Nintendo fan and have yet to get a version of the 3DS you are missing out as with the device unlike in the previous era, you are missing out on more then half of Nintendo's best games/releases.


No? Nintendo's 2015 lineup is pretty great for the Wii U and not bad for the 3DS. It's 2016 that I see as being problematic.

Maybe for you, but I own both a 3DS and Wii U and really like to play the games on them.

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JNK said:
beeing a sony/microsoft/pc owner is way better. only 2014 was great time for wii u

In 2016 yep. Right now though I have a lot more fun with the Wii U than either of the Xbone and PS4. PC has better stuff though...

Its never a bad time to be a Nintendo fan/console owner.


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cant say I'm too depressed about owning a Wii U atm lol

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absolutely IT'S NOT THE WORST TIME to have a nintendo's home console

if you are new to the WiiU, that means you have lots of games to play that you've never played on ps4 and xboxone, such as Bayonetta2,the wonderful 101, pikmin3, project 0, splatoon, mario series etc

for me, the reason i will never buy a ps4 or xboxone is that, i can play most of ps4 and xboxone game on PC, but i can't play most of wiiu games on pc.

No. The worst time was around 2008, when anyone who liked the N64/Gamecube era realised that it wasn't coming back and that Nintendo planned only to make a mixture of simplified games for a completely different audience and horrible spinoffs pretending to be the series you loved.

I already reconciled with that and now play PC games. If Nintendo make anything worth buying (Smash 4, Mario Maker) I will buy it.