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Would you mind if Prime 4 has more casual friendly elements?

Yes, it'd help open up th... 1 1.67%
No, it'd hurt the core gameplay. 2 3.33%
Undecided/See results 0 0%

I hope it sells very well. I do not own any current nintendo systems, but Metroid was always one of my favorites. Prime was an amazing FPS. The whole trilogy is pretty good honestly, and I even enjoyed Hunters a bit. Hopefully Prime 4 will step up into something bigger than the past Primes as 2 and 3 followed a similar formula (great formula, but I think now the Prime series deserves innovation in one way or another). If it's a dedicated jump for the franchise I might just pick up a switch for it. 

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mZuzek said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

I'm four hours into Samus returns and am liking it very much. On of the best 3D use on the 3DS. I hope this games really sells because i don't want Nintendo to put Metroid in the freezer.

Do we have any sales on Metroid: Samus returns?

If 2D Metroid doesn't sell between 500K and 1M on the userbase of the 3DS, that wil be a problem. Metroid 2D might get hit by a freeze ray at that point.

It debuted at #8 in the UK and at #3 (with 30k) in Japan, as far as I know that's all we have so far. Yeah sales aren't looking the brightest, but I think that was to be expected given how little effort Nintendo put into hyping this and with it being a 3DS release this late in its life and all. Still, I assume at least 500k should be guaranteed at this point, the real question is if it can get to that 1m mark.

Nintendo could still be happy with at least 500k since actual promotion and production cost could not be very high. Let's hope for more.

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Everybody's saying Samus Returns is great, and I've been trying my best to not watch any reviews or videos while I wait for the game to ship. It's agonizing. I haven't been properly hyped for a game in so long!

Yay! Finally got it today. Play Asia included a (huge) Metroid shirt along with it, which was nice.

Whoa, that looks cool. Congrats on your purchase, and get ready because the game is awesome! (...) Now, time to paste my post from the other thread...

Hey, I forgot to post this here earlier, but, better late than never - me and some friends are having a Metroid marathon and we'll be playing through every game in the series. There's a (very Brazilian) stream going on, so if you guys wanna check it out, here goes:

We just finished our first day, where we played Metroid (52m), Prime (4h29m), Prime Hunters (5h something) and Prime 2 (8h18m). I played through Prime 1 and was involved with Prime 2 as well, so obviously I'm tired as hell and going to sleep, but the others are keeping it going with more games (AM2R right now). The games each day I think are:

Day 2 - AM2R, Metroid II, Other M, Pinball, Federation Force and Prime 3

Day 3 - Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super and Fusion

So, yeah. I'm going to sleep, check it out if you want to, don't if you don't care (but that'd make me sad and have bad dreams ).

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So what's better, Metroid 1 on the NES or Metroid 2 on the Gameboy?

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

GoOnKid said:

So what's better, Metroid 1 on the NES or Metroid 2 on the Gameboy?

Have not played anyone of those.

But have played Zero Mission and Samus Returns.

I give it to Samus Returns.

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GoOnKid said:

So what's better, Metroid 1 on the NES or Metroid 2 on the Gameboy?

I prefer Metroid 1. IMO, Metroid 2 was a step back for the series in some sort because of Gameboy hardware limitations.


Metroid 1 on NES hands down. It is an amazing game, despite not having a few of the quality of life improvements that were introduced in Super Metroid. The setting, progression, variety of enemies, and overall mood elevate Metroid NES not only above Metroid 2 on the Gameboy, but above almost all of the NES library. I have yet to play Samus Returns on the 3DS as I'm still holding out hope to be able replay this game on the Switch, but once the next round of Metroid releases are detailed I'll take a hard look at borrowing a 3DS to get my fix if it isn't included.

GoOnKid said:

So what's better, Metroid 1 on the NES or Metroid 2 on the Gameboy?

Metroid 2 by an extremely long margin. It was a game I could actually play without wanting to punch the screen and throw the controller out the window. Metroid 1 fucking sucks. It is your typical cheap-ass NES game, with all the bullshit you'd expect such as

- lots of copy-paste rooms where the only way forward is through extremely obscure secret pathways
- basic enemies that can only be defeated in ridiculously specific ways because the controls won't allow you do basic things you should be able to
- enemies that hit you while you're stuck in a door animation, because fuck you
- everytime you die, you respawn with 30 energy, meaning you have to spend like 15 minutes farming health just to make sure you don't die again
- bosses that kill you in 3 seconds before you're given the slightest chance to understand wtf is going on - meaning you're gonna respawn with 30 health, all the way back to the start of an area you've no idea how to traverse correctly because all the rooms look exactly the same and you don't remember where you found that one secret path

Seriously, don't play Metroid 1. If you really want to, just go with Zero Mission, it is a far better experience. Sure, the same could be said for the remakes of Metroid 2, but I found the Game Boy original entirely playable. It wasn't the most fun game in the world, to be fair, and aesthetically it's really bad (but even still the different rooms look more different than the ones on the NES). It was... tolerable. Unlike the NES game.