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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft is Expecting Huge Xbox One Sales from backwards compatability

Microsoft’s Xbox One is still trailing behind in sales to the PlayStation 4 but the software giant has high hopes for its consoles. In an interview with Gamespot during E3 2015, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg said a string of blockbuster exclusive games and new backward compatibility functionality will lead to a “massive migration” of Xbox 360 owners moving to Xbox One. Whereas Sony feels that backward compatibility is not something that they’re aiming for and that they will be taking a different path. They added that they’ll be looking at different things to keep up their console’s anticipation.

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Xbox One taking over PS4 globally in the US confirmed.


But to be serious it will help Mr. Bone in sales.

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

I am definitely in the boat that believe that MS will never catch up to Sony as far as total consoles sold. I do believe that MS will continue to keep momentum flowing for the X1 where sales will be solid. MS has a nice selection of games, features and price to continue solid sales but matching the PS4 would demand Sony really screwing something up like a RROD type of situation.

The fact that this wasn't available to xbox one and ps4 from the beginning was and is (in Sony's case) just sad. I'm hoping the NX continues (whether digitally or through hardware) Nintendo's reputation of bc.

Its not that Sony had a bad line up its just the days of announcing something then waiting 1-2 year is ending. This year and last year Sony really have nothing hopefully they have learned this.

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Sony wasn't talking about E3.

Thread title a joke ? hes talking about the yearly portfolio not E3, and ends on "we’re feeling confident.”

It'd be bad if they didn't sell anything in the only time of the year they release games.

Wii U is fairly desolate, no point in backward compatibility unless you really like Xenoblade.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Sony gave up on 2015 with the exception of the CoD deal.
Could have had this same E3 next year and almost all of the games they showed would still not be out and some not even close.