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thismeintiel said:
Arlo said:
I don't know why everyone is so confident in the PS4 right now. At this point I feel like Xbox is going to start catching up, unless Sony can get out some real heavy hitters real soon. The benefits they had going into this gen are going away.

Yep, MS won E3 with B/C.  That's why it's currently outselling the PS4 2:1 on Amazon and was also on Walmart earlier.  Oh's the other way around. 

I ain't never said it was just because the BC!  I think it's a lot of little reasons that might start to add up.  But I could be wrong.

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Edited the title to remove the part about Sony as it was an extreme stretch based upon the content and links in the OP, resulting in an inaccurate title that is borderline baiting.

pokymon90 said:
Playstation_awaiter said:
Sony has
battlefront advertising,
Call of duty advertising
Hitman advertising
Just cause 3 advertising
Assassins creed advertising
Uncharted collection
Metal gear solid advertising
Price cut

Does anyone really think Sony is going to lose by hundreds of thousands? Like last year?

So basically what Microsoft did last gen and was criticized for? Advertising the PS4 logo over your exclusive games will make people not buy their exclusives.

Their exclusives this holiday are not mainstream, the hardcore know they will come out and will buy advertising them with big budgets is a stupid idea, advertising the biggests third parties on the other hand will sell ps4s like hot cakes.