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NightDragon83 said:

Nintendo's reputation of bc?  Since when???

Nintendo consoles only started becoming bc last gen, and only because the architecture between the GC and the Wii was so similar, which continued on with the Wii / Wii U because the consoles literally utilize the same motion sensing technology and controllers!  Same thing with handhelds... the GBA was made to handle original GB games, and the DS had an auxilary slot in earlier models to handle GBA games.

Looks like you just answered your own question.

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Some people still believe X1 will well better like last year on NPD?

Its very unlikely, with thé huge E3 buzz and all these deals the PS4 got, at best for microsoft, it will be a tie, at worst PS4 will win by a good margin, which seems likely, i make thé bet, Ps4 will sell more than X1 during Sept+oct+nov+dec

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If it was real b/c then it might be a big deal, but it isn't. It's a great feature and it will incentivise 360 owners to trade in for Xb one. But if you have a substantial game collection then the only way to guarantee you will always be able to play your 360 games is keeping your 360, and then there is a level playing field for PS4 and Xb one again.

So the main reason MS may get huge sales because of b/c is if there is some misleading advertising by claiming xb one is b/c without being clear about the limitations.

Also, who has been waiting for b/c? Everyone more or less resigned themselves to never having b/c before e3.

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leo-j said:
Arlo said:
I don't know why everyone is so confident in the PS4 right now. At this point I feel like Xbox is going to start catching up, unless Sony can get out some real heavy hitters real soon. The benefits they had going into this gen are going away.

lol so mgs v , sw bf, cod, fallout, all being better on ps4 isn't going to push consoles? right.....

I personally don't buy the whole "better on" thing.  They're still all the same games, and people tend to buy consoles based on features and exclusives.  Microsoft just made it a whole lot easier for 360 owners to make the jump with BC and a new Halo.  It's doubtful to me that in the face of all that, getting some DLC early is going to be the deciding factor.

Funny how you can guess who the OP is based on the thread title. I have a feeling that the holidays in US will end up being pretty close overall, either way it will be interesting to see, really curious to see how much halo sells on the current install base.

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BC won't be a big factor. Only two things consistently boost sales: a relative handful of major games (short-term boosts, usu. <1 month) and price cuts (usu. longer-term boosts lasting multiple months to a year-plus). The XBO will probably win October thanks to Halo 5, but I suspect we'll see the PS4 get a price cut no later than Paris Games Week (I would have said Gamescom, but apparently Sony's going to be a no-show this year) and that will allow it to dominate the holidays and pretty much all of 2016.

JRPGfan said:
"But with a total of 23.3 million sales of the PS4 by the end of April, the console is still heading strong as we approach the second half of 2015." -

Is that true? the PS4 is over 23.3 million units sold?

In the OP's source we trust!

This is also the site that reported on Xbox One having a GPU in the power brick.

GTstation said:
-Newcloud- said:
Its not that Sony had a bad line up its just the days of announcing something then waiting 1-2 year is ending. This year and last year Sony really have nothing hopefully they have learned this.

Tell that to ea and SE, showing concept art at E3s.  If on scheadule ME andromeda will have been in 3 E3s.  

I would have if this topic was about them

Yeah, Sony never said their E3 line up wasn't the strongest. Not sure where that is coming from.

I thought both companies had really strong E3's. I am not yet sure how the backwards compatibility is going to help sales of the Xbox One. Could be something that helps but I fear we are going to find out more and more that publishers are going to be a problem with the whole program. I hope I am wrong but I just have a feeling this is not going to be all it could be. We will see.

Meanwhile both companies have some intriguing looking titles. Microsoft of course is never going to catch Sony world wide but they are certainly still in play to take the U.S. if things line up for them.

DerNebel said:
small44 said:
Most people don't sold there old consoles so backward compatibility won't have big effect on Xbox one

What are you saying man? BC is the biggest gamechanger of them all, it's going to move billions of consoles!!

(Seriously though, no offense to anyone, but it annoys me so much how people are overreacting to this whole BC announcement. How can you essentially reduce MS's conference to that?)

Thats the handicap.  Halo didn't really impress and Sony dropped gigatons.  So, this patched BC which isn't equal to the Wii Us full BC is the new handicap.