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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Metroid Prime 4 make you buy the NX if it was a launch title?


Would you buy NX if metroid prime 4 was a launch title?

Maybe depending what othe... 48 22.86%
No, im done with Nintendo 35 16.67%
Yes definetly 89 42.38%
I would wait a few years ... 38 18.10%

Yes. Yes, it would.

But a modern 2D Metroid would make me buy two.

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No. I don't think I'll buy another Nintendo console.


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Sure, even if it´s not a launch title. They make games i enjoy so i see no reason to not buy the next one aswell.

No, the only way to get me on board NX is for Nintendo to install a bit of confidence from me, by continued Wii U support for the remainder of at least a 5 year cycle.

I'd have to see what they have done with the hardware first. That would dictate how early I would jump into their next console. I waited a year for the Wii U.

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Maybe... Or a really good 2d metroid.

I don't see it being a wii u replacement. I can see it being a handheld that will break from the ds design and thus break backward compatibility. Hence them not wanting to call it a 3ds successor. Breaking backwards compatibility will be an issue for me but I'll probably still get one.

I'll buy NX regardless of wether it gets Metroid at launch or at all.

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No I don't care for the Metroid games.

Will get a NX automatically. Need it for Splatoon 2, 3D Mario, 2D Mario, etc.

I'm personally not fond of Metroid, so no.

Even then, a new 3D Mario, or even a new Zelda would be better candidates.

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I'm a huge Metroid fan, but it wouldn't be enough to make a buy a NX! I would buy one after there is a more diverse library available.

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