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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Metroid Prime 4 make you buy the NX if it was a launch title?


Would you buy NX if metroid prime 4 was a launch title?

Maybe depending what othe... 48 22.86%
No, im done with Nintendo 35 16.67%
Yes definetly 89 42.38%
I would wait a few years ... 38 18.10%

No, I'd buy NX because its a Nintendo system,not just for Metroid lol

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I would not buy one at launch, even if it has Metroid (I love Metroid).

I'll wait and see.
-If the console is another faliure, I'm staying away.
-If the console does fine and is supported by third parties on the same level as Playstation and Xbox, I'll buy it. But only after those conditions are met.

There are so many things that could turn me off for the NX, and Metroid won't be a launch title anyway.
Sometimes I'd just wish Nintendo would sell the Metroid IP to a studio that wants to do something with it.

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Metroid Prime 4? Nope.

2D/2.5D Metroid Dread? YES!

I don't think they know what to do with Metroid prime 4 or a 2d or maybe they're thinking of something different. I think the prime series was supposed to be a trilogy. after other m got poor reviews, even though I loved it. they may not know what to do with it. like f zero. gx was amazing, yet it sold poorly. it was fzero to its extreme.


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Maybe... not a fan of Metroid so it really depends on what the NX is

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"Metroid Prime" is a system seller for me, which is a major reason why I took this E3 so badly. I thought with Retro being free to develop for the past year and a half meant chances were high we'd see MP4 teased.

Mbolibombo said:
Yes. I would buy it without the NX as well.

That's what I'm talking' about  ;)

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Assuming that it's going to be Nintendo's next home console I'll be getting it on day one regardless. I've put more than enough time into my Wii U to make my purchase well worth it and so far it hasby far the best exclusives released for it.

for me, Metroid isn't the main type of game. so it isn't a day 1 buy due to Metroid. Nintendo need to have a strong launch lineup + 3rd party games (near to PS4 and X1 versions atleast).

A Prime 4 done right would be enough for me yes. Also 3D Mario.