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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Metroid Prime 4 make you buy the NX if it was a launch title?


Would you buy NX if metroid prime 4 was a launch title?

Maybe depending what othe... 48 22.86%
No, im done with Nintendo 35 16.67%
Yes definetly 89 42.38%
I would wait a few years ... 38 18.10%

So a Metroid prime 4 from retro studios and its actually not a spin-off, a continuation and it did get mostly perfect scores from reveiws. Maybe i would need super mario galaxy 3 as a launch title aswell to convince me, but it would sound promising.

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Where's the "I'm getting an NX anyway" option? I have zero interest in Metroid games, so that's not a factor, and I don't think it will be for the vast majority of people either.

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Not if it were by itself. Not out of any bitterness. That's just not how I operate. I rarely buy at launch and it would take one insane launch and first year lineup to convince me. Now if they pulled a Wii and had Zelda, Metroid, 3D Mario, and a fun new IP or two in that timeframe, then I would consider it.

I'm not particularly a fan of Metroid. I'd see what other games they have, but I'd probably just buy it anyway.

Nope. But I'm pretty sure there would be a better launch title that will make me buy it.

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Metroid is not a system seller to me.

On the other hand, Splatoon and Xenoblade are. Games that I am sure I will milk at least two hundred enjoyable hours out of.
Perhaps a Dragon Quest game, but Square Enix is not exactly...friendly to Nintendo platforms, nor the west.



No. After the WiiU I will wait until there are enough games I want release to justify my purchase of the console.

After no Prime 4, and no 3D Mario for the WiiU and will wait til they come out, and also wait to see if they are good.

Once Zelda, 3d Mario, Prime 4, and a Fire Emblem game have been released I will get an NX.

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That would make me do the complete opposite. Nintendo would be abandoning me. I feel like sometime in the past I was definitely promised a Metroid Prime on Wii U and I'll hold Nintendo to it till the day I die!

Depends when. I'm likely getting a PS4 Q4 or early 2016. I certainly won't be buying another console 12months after that.

Wait til 2017 and then probably. But more then just Metroid, it needs to have a bright future. Either tons of great exclusives announced or third party support

Mario galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2...... is really needed.
More needed than metroid, alot more.


Dont think Im buying another nintendo consol without a real 3D mario game.

If they dont release mario near launch of their consols in the future, the wii u might be my last.