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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Metroid Prime 4 make you buy the NX if it was a launch title?


Would you buy NX if metroid prime 4 was a launch title?

Maybe depending what othe... 48 22.86%
No, im done with Nintendo 35 16.67%
Yes definetly 89 42.38%
I would wait a few years ... 38 18.10%

If it releases in 2017 AT THE EARLIEST.

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MoHasanie said:
No. I don't think I'll buy another Nintendo console.

Pretty much this.

I'll be getting NX regardless, unless Nintendo goes some weird direction that doesn't interest me which is highly unlikely.

Prime 4 would just make it all the sweeter.

It should be, since everyone here want metroid soooooo much.

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Maybe though if Zelda was launched with it, probably yes as hesitant and worry some as I would be aboue how Nintendo would handle the NX in the future.

I'd consider it, but it would depend on price, other launch games, release schedule for the first 12 months.

Nintendo need to be more organised with NX, and let people know what they can play the first year they have their system. It's one reason they're getting so much shit for their current Digital Event: no 2016 announcements for Wii U.

WhiteEaglePL said:
If it releases in 2017 AT THE EARLIEST.

That's kind of a minor stipulation for me as well. I can never say with a certainty that I 'm not going to buy a Nintendo product until I've seen some solid evidence that it's a real stinker, but I'd be happier with a full year of support for Wii U in 2016... Even a full year of half-support lol. 

Pushing the NX on me in 2016 might mean I don't buy it until it's really, really cheap. The best way to get me in on day one for the NX is to keep making me happy with the Wii U (hint: E3 didn't make me very happy). 

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Three Metroid Primes could not sell the Gamecube so what makes you think MP4 will sell the NX?

Nintendo need way more appealing titles to capture the 40% of gamers who seem to flip flop every gen that are now on PS4.