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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would Metroid Prime 4 make you buy the NX if it was a launch title?


Would you buy NX if metroid prime 4 was a launch title?

Maybe depending what othe... 48 22.86%
No, im done with Nintendo 35 16.67%
Yes definetly 89 42.38%
I would wait a few years ... 38 18.10%


Metroid isnt a franchise that is a system seller for me.

Plus I always wait a minimum of two years before buying a game system.


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Metroid is my favourite IP from any developer ever, but no. I still wouldn't buy it at launch for MP4. I'll wait until around 4 years into its lifecycle to see whether it will actually be supported properly before buying.

No, it'll need at least 8 games that I want to play, and a new Fire Emblem, Mother or Advance/Battalion Wars need to be in those 8.

Metroid Prime 4 was actually one of my most anticipated games for the Wii U, at this point I'm just too disappointed.

Zelda is the only nintendo game that would make me buy a console at launch. However just like with the WiiU I'm inclined to wait a couple of years.

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It depends on a lot of things, I still need to see If I like NX, the price and I need a bunch of great games before buying a console, that´s what I did with WiiU, that´s why I´m not going to even think on a Ps4 until 2017.

Also, it depends on their behaviour, If Metroid is a launch title on 2016 and WiiU doesn´t get it, then I would be very pissed of. But I don´t think that´s what they are going to do, I don´t think we are going to see Metroid anytime soon.

Yes, as long as it is not a coop shooter

but but i want a new story, a new different take, and not just part 4 of a trilogy...

and i will not buy a handheld in the first 6 month, i never do.

NintendoPie said:
That would make me do the complete opposite. Nintendo would be abandoning me. I feel like sometime in the past I was definitely promised a Metroid Prime on Wii U and I'll hold Nintendo to it till the day I die!

Did you read this?

No. Only chance i will get it is if its the rumored fusion and Nintendo focus all their efforts in a single system.

Even so, i wont get it until its proven to be a sucess.