Forums - Gaming Discussion - Jonathan Blow: "Videogames are terrible for telling stories"

Mystro-Sama said:
Goodnightmoon said:

Where did I say that?

You implied it. You said most games have shit stories as if most movies don't have shit stories too.

I have more chances to be killed by a thunder on a sunny day than to find a good story in a random game.

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Eh, same goes for books and movies in my case. For me at least, video games are the best for telling stories.

He's factually wrong. He can blow it out his ass

Jonathan sure does blow.

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I.... what? What are his credentials? What games has he worked with?

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I completely disagree.

I think it's more of a personal problem than anything for Mr. Blow, when you consider his clumsy and ham-fist attempt at story-telling in braid.

well i just disagree of Jonathan Blows existences on Video games Industry LOl

Looks like he has as much experience as a player as a dev.

Looks like someone forgot to play Katawa Shoujo.

Spoken obviously by someone who's never played Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy 4, The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni,  etc.

Some games like Xenogears even transcend their physical media and hardware platform.