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    US Midterm Elections 2018- Dems take the House, GOP Keeps the Senate.

    in Politics Discussion on 08 November 2018

    Dems showing their colors and talking about gun bans again. Please keep bringing up "assault weapon" ban between now and 2020 lmao. We will be back to single party control of all 3 branches. Sad because I'm actually pretty open minded and live and let live and non religious but have to identify as conservative solely because I will never yield on my views that: individual liberty > the...

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    White Supremacist Drives Car into Counter-Protesters (20 Injured, One Dead)

    in Politics Discussion on 19 August 2017

    Nobody calling for assault car bans with fuel tank and horsepower limits? Especially those high capacity assault vans like Barcelona....

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    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - Job Combinations?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 August 2017

    The Fury said: exdeath said: Just completed the Platinum last weekend. Ignoring the fact most of the trophies are time sinks and I had to start again so no where near them, how long did it take you to beat 'him'? Yiazmat? I don't recall, like 15 mins?  I researched my builds and gear for optimal end game (shikari+bushi and dark blade is specifically for...

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    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - Job Combinations?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 August 2017

    I did: Vaan : shikari+bushi Balthier : shikari + foebreaker Fran : white mage + machinist Basch : knight + bushi Ashe : black mage + monk Penelo : white mage + time mage   Vaan and Balthier being best candidates as the two Genji glove + ninja sword users, Vaan getting dark blade and Balthier having every break.   Basch being a knight in the story knight + bushi was perfect for the...

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    Takahashi: Xenoblade Chronicles X for Switch “would love to think about” and more

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2017

    I'd rather have Chronicles and Saga Trilogy remasters. I'd say Gears but we know that will never happen.   XCX  was a piece of shit and a perfect example of what happens when you try to westernize a JRPG. All graphics and fighting and no story. Biggest letdown that year for me. Chronicles was a masterpiece, X blew chunks....

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    Xbox, Gamecube, or Dreamcast?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2017

    Mike321 said: Xbox is the best box. I credit it for bringing the worst of PC games at the time to the console market.  Cookie cutter shooters, incomplete games and patching, hypercompetitive preteens calling each other f4gG0tz, reliance on third party servers gated by fees instead of peer to peer, ads, consoles trying to do more than just gaming, the emphasis on 'mature' games,...

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    MS hiring for 'next-gen AAA' game 'similar to Horizon Zero Dawn'

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 June 2017

    jason1637 said: DonFerrari said: Because all games need to have MP and with the same modes right? Its not a must have but i personally play lots of multiplay shooters so i would like more games to have gunplay PvP multiplayer. Your games comprise 99% of the market and almost wiped out classic video game genres throughout 7th gen.   Others aren't allowed to...

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    MS hiring for 'next-gen AAA' game 'similar to Horizon Zero Dawn'

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2017

    jason1637 said: This means that the artstyle will be like Horizon not the gameplay. Hope it's a open world FPS with PVP multiplayer. More shooter please MS the last shooter was Gears and that was in October. Because there aren't enough of those... Can people enjoy games anymore without bumping penises and competing?     You guys ruin every game that comes out...

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    Takahashi on Xenoblade Chronicles X's localization changes: "I didn't mind much at all"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2017

    X sucked anyway. What happened to the story? Biggest letdown of 2015.   Weighting for Xeno games is 85% story.  Best combat and exploration in the history of video games but 5 minute story = crap.   I can't see how anyone who played Xenogears, Xenosaga, or Xenoblade Chronicles can even consider XCX to be in the same genre....

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    How would you rate PlayStations E3 Press Conference

    in Sony Discussion on 13 June 2017

    Meh. Nothing but filler. Did they blow all their adventure and RPG load already?   Ni no Kuni is the only thing that has my attention but they didn't have anything amazing there like a CE.   They needed an ace in the sleeve like a Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us level of new IP reveal this year.   Every year since PS4 they've had a nuclear bomb reveal (TLG, HZD, FF7,...

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    Xbox could stage a comeback one way only..

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 June 2017

    But they won't. They will do what they always do and double down in their safe zone of Halo/NFL/Gears/Forza. They don't get it at all....

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    I told you all that xbox be poppin.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 June 2017

    U be talkin like teh demographic fo sho. Keep it real mad tyte fo shizzle da bomb bro! Dude! Bro! Dude! Bro! Dude!  Too bad no Gears of HaloHDHDHDHDx9999 Big Man Edition this year :(...

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    Games you were late to play

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2017

    I missed Xenogears. Passed it as another "733t billy bad ass ponytale aZn and robots fighting" game that was prevalent at the time, didn't even know it was a RPG. Played it during 360/PS3 and it became my #1 favorite game bumping Final Fantasy II (IV) off the pedestal. Deepest most mind blowing story of any JRPG to date. Which is cool because now I can genuinely affirm it's not nostalgia when...

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    Nintendo's install base shrunk from 250 million in Gen 7 to ~80 million in Gen 8

    in Sales Discussion on 18 May 2017

    Wii was a fluke. Get over it already....

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    Microsoft Xbox E3 is going to be so huge.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 May 2017

    Halo 6 Gears 5 Forza 7 Halo Super HD Ultimate Man Steroid Helmet Edition (no game disc) Forza 8 Halo 5 GotY Halo 7 Halo 7.5 Call of Duty vs Madden Vs mode Halo NFL edition Sorry to spoil it....

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    Nintendo: Switch Buyers Are Primarily Men In Their 20s/30s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2017

    Johnw1104 said: Gotta get them teens. It's been a long time since Nintendo appealed to teenagers, pretty sure they're all on PS4 these days and they generate a ton of money. That tends to require the kind of games Nintendo doesn't get, though. When Nintendo appealed to teens, video games were still considered nerdy and kids toys by the mainstream. The teens who played video games...

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    Nintendo: Switch Buyers Are Primarily Men In Their 20s/30s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2017

    12 year olds don't have $300 to buy it themselves? Who knew. Also careful where you are going with this. We absolutely do not need another shovelware platform with monthly Madden and COD releases on it....

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    How the heck did Sony manage to retake the console market again?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2017

    DarkD said: Getting locked out of the market usually involves being replaced by something better. Your own example demonstrates this, nokia replaced by smartphones. The difference here is that everyone loves smartphones (myself excluded) but the core gaming market never really embraced the Wii as anything other than a once-and-done fad. Nintendo is a perfect example of how to really...

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    Sony going third party is an excellent idea for gamers.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2017

    Only if Microsoft bails out of the console market and we only have Nintendo in the console space. After what they did with 7th gen, Microsoft cannot be trusted to rule the console space or all we will have are western military and space marine shooters and sports games and that will be the end of traditional console gaming as we know it.  Not to mention what they did to Rare. ...

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    Eurogamer: SNES Mini currently in development

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2017

    RolStoppable said: vivster said: Because people won't even attempt to buy it assuming it's out of stock anyway. No, it's because Nintendo will price it higher this time around and the SNES wasn't a phenomenon in its original form, so demand won't reach the same levels. Going further with this and using Ka-pi's wish for a N64 Mini, that one would probably have a hard time...

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