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    < kirby007 posted something on RenCutypoison's wall:

    In settings you can turn off getting mail for a notification

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on RenCutypoison's wall:

    Cute avy, who is she?

    Some oc by this guy it seems :

    I was lured in by underboobs and vagina bones expecting some fine obscure visual novel's character too.

    on 17 August 2016

    < Wright posted something on RenCutypoison's wall:

    How could you dislike FF VIII :(

    By disliking Cloud and looking at a 20 years old gameplay objectively.
    The game was awesome in 1997 but both the story and music are downgrades from VI, and these are the only things that didn't age.
    It's as much dislike for VII as just liking other mainline FF more, it's still an excellent game and an awesome JRPG, as all mainline FF games are.

    Also which SMT is your avatar from ? It looks post devil survivor as it's the same character designer as Durarara!!, SMT 4 ?

    on 14 May 2016

    That was some reading comprehension fail, I'm afraid. Check again the numbered FF I wrote above. :P

    And I'll give you a hint, the character from my avatar isn't from any SMT game. Heck, he's not even from a game, as far as I know!

    on 14 May 2016

    And I'm a double idiot because I loved that movie. (Mamoru Hosoda is a genius, I can't believe he debuted on Digimon).
    For FFVIII my troubles are mostly the same, outdated gameplay and disliking Squall (except my dislike from Cloud comes mainly because I think Zack is a great character).
    I also didn't like most character designs ijn VIII (Rinoa is plain, Selfie is annoying, Laguna is a 90's josei-type bishonen and I don't like pre-2000's bishonens, etc).
    Also I disliked the ennemy level scaling with the party because it overall made the game harder for people who explored the whole game, which is counter-intuitive in JRPGs overall (and I was the kind to do all the subquests and exploration at the time)

    on 14 May 2016

    I dunno. I think I could empathize with Squall a bit, and I don't really find him to be that bad of a MC. He also evolves, which is something nice to find even if his progression is kind of weird (but then again we're talking about japanese developers). The level scaling, I dunno, makes the game challenging all the way through, even if it is an artificial thing to do to achieve it. And who cares about Selfie, Laguna and Rinoa when there's Quistis and Zell? :P

    Saw The boy and the Beast yesterday. Loved the movie. Ichirohiko kinda stuck with me because he took the spotlight of the movie at the second half (even if it was very predictable) in a very sadistic way, to my surprise. And yeah, Mamoru is freakin' amazing. His Digimon movie was amazing, and you could see the DNA traces of him in it that were later translated into Summer Wars. The Girl who Jumped through time was another great hit. So far the only thing I've not liked from him was his One Piece movie, but hey. He's got an impressive track record as far as his movies go.

    on 14 May 2016

    Squall is the best example of my double standards as Neku made me love Twewy while Squall made me dislike FFVIII (but storywriting in VG evolved a lot in these 10 years).
    What I like about Hosoda is that all of his movies cover such a large array of themes that when I'm asked what the movie is about, I can only answer "Eeeer ... life ?"
    I didn't know he did a One Piece movie, but as far as I know the only decent One Piece movie is the one written by the manga author.
    Also I have yet to see the girl who leapt trough time, I have a hard time convincing my gf to watch Hododa's movie with me and I don't like watching movies on my own (And it's even worse when it comes to Makoto Shinkai, fml)

    on 14 May 2016

    You could always tie her up and drop her at the theater!

    on 14 May 2016

    < Wright posted something on RenCutypoison's wall:

    *Pokes forehead*

    You prince-sama now ? is it good ?

    on 25 March 2016

    Wait, who?

    on 25 March 2016

    Your avatar

    on 25 March 2016

    Hmpf. You have good eye.

    on 25 March 2016

    < Wright posted something on RenCutypoison's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Merry Christmas Wright ! I hope you enjoy your holyday.
    Also enjoy your fur while it's still 2015, because 2016 will definitely be all about traps.

    on 28 December 2015

    What about furry traps?!

    on 28 December 2015

    Even for Japan that's too wild.
    BadGenome would die of Dehydration.

    on 28 December 2015

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