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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This is your new Joker. What do you think?

I saw his face on an IGN video thumbnail last night. I didn't want to enter the video to avoid the shitfest on the comments.

He's alright. The tattoos aren't doing it for me, but maybe I'm used to see the traditional purple suited, clown faced Joker. It doesn't make any sense that he tattooes himself HAHAHA and Damaged. I gotta admit he's way different than Heath Ledger's Joker, so he's doing his own thing. But I'll wait for more before I can make a good judgement.

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Mordred11 said:
archer9234 said:

Guys. Joker has had these looks before in comics. They aren't the ones people read the most. But they do exsist.

And they neglect the fact that these tattoos will probably not be very noticeable during the movie.

Yeah. I really bet his main outfit will block out most of them. And maybe will get one scene where his clothes get torn to see a bit more.

Azerth said:
Dont really like and it makes me worried about wat Harley is going to look like. But ill wait and see it in action first

You've seen that outfit before as an alt outfit in games.

Looks more like a member or some punk rock band.

If that's the Joker than I wish they gave the role to a couple of worthy Joker cosplayers that I've seen pull off a way more believable look.

Shouldn't this be in movie discussion.

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Looks very, erm...modern. Gonna have to take some time and see him in action.

I like it.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Take that damaged tatoo from his head and put some other tattoos there, those he have are lame.

This actor is good, i know he can kill it. I have faith in this movie.

That's how I feel as well. The tattoos don't look good, but I have faith in Leto's acting ability.

looks okay, they do another style of movie, not another of the dar knight movies.
hope he dont sucks like the last joker...

this guy should come back...