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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This is your new Joker. What do you think?

pokoko said:

I could see the Joker with a tattoo.  It wouldn't be a "look at me, I'm a rebel" tattoo, though, but something off-kiler, like a tattoo of Three Grumpy Cat Moon or a platypus.  He'd have the kind of tattoo that would make someone chuckle--then he'd kill them. 

A Joker with that tattooed on his body would be a god among men.

Hehe that made me crack up!

Idk I guess I see the Joker as more of an impulsive character. Not that he's incapable of planning ahead, but I feel like unless it was for someone real special like, say, Batman, he'd get bored in the middle of his multiple session heavy shading tattoo project and abandon it. And possibly kill half of gothams tattoo artists in the process.

Like you said, I feel like the joker wouln't have "look at me" tattoos. Heath Ledgers Joker didn't seem too concerned with his looks in the first place and while Jack Nicholsons clearly cared, he was impeccable in an oppressive compulsive kinda way. As for various other Jokers Idk at the very least his "fashion sense" seems to run more on the wierd side like a slightly more insane dr. who....

If they had to put some body art onto him I'd see something sloppy like burn marks, cuts or maybe some kind of homemade piercing or something.

Jared Leto is a good actor though, and maybe he makes it work just fine.

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Is the tattoo on his forehead really necessary?

Looks like a stupid idiot compared to the just insane yet stylish old joker.

I mean the look does not tell a story at all it just looks like a gansta that for whatever reason uses make up to look the way he does. Looks like a fucking borderlands character to me.


Don't like him at all.

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No thank you.

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I'm confident that Jared will do his job as a Joker. Those who already judge his compatibility with the character based on a single picture are nothing but toxic.

Guys. Joker has had these looks before in comics. They aren't the ones people read the most. But they do exsist.

archer9234 said:

Guys. Joker has had these looks before in comics. They aren't the ones people read the most. But they do exsist.

And they neglect the fact that these tattoos will probably not be very noticeable during the movie.

Dont really like and it makes me worried about wat Harley is going to look like. But ill wait and see it in action first