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Another DKC game by Retro would be fantastic. Tropical Freeze was pure magic and the reactions to a third game would be glorious.

But in all honesty I want Retro to do something new, either a new IP or another revival (Eternal Darkness 2, please).

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I want them to make a new, mature IP from scratch

Captain_Yuri said:
Fuck DK! We need Metroid first

YES! Im kinda sick of DK too

Maybe Retro Studios should help the developers of Zelda U populate their open world.

you know, as much as i would love to see retro do another metroid, i would be 100% okay with a 3rd dk title.
I'd prefer it be 3d however, with kremlings!

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DKC is one of my all time favorite franchises but honestly id like to see them tackle a new IP

I would like a 3D DK game...

FloatingWaffles said:
ExplodingBlock said:
No, we have had enough DK
It's time for Metroid

Whenever I read posts like these it always makes me want to hope that Retro doesn't work on a new Metroid. 

Seriously, have you ever considered that maybe they don't want to? They were given a choice of what game they wanted to work on next and they chose Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Why do some people act like Retro is the only one that can make a Metroid game. Nintendo can get any other studio they want to do it. (Before people reply with Metroid: Other M comments, I haven't played it so I can't comment on it).

People need to stop trying to force Metroid on Retro. I personally hope they're working on a new IP or anything other than Metroid.  (I mean if they WANT to work on Metroid then that's fine, but as long as it's what they want to work on and not just because everyone else wants them to).

Trust me, Other M was horrible. The reason people want only Retro to work on the next Metroid is because the prime games (especially the first one) were the pinnacle of the series

they should make the next Smash Bros.

I can't agree with the title at all. I found ".." to be a lackluster follow up to the already mediocre ".", so if Retro's talents are being wasted on "..." I'm going to be pissed.