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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is PS4 bringing back once sucessful companies that were severely affected on the 7th gen?

bdbdbd said:
platformmaster918 said:
Let's hope devs start filling in the gap and producing $30-$40 mid-tier 3d games with PS2 level costs that would obviously look and run better on today's engines. Sony tried this with $30 Ratchet Nexus, $40 Puppeteer, and $40 Sly Cooper all of which failed financially for reasons other than perceived value (mainly no one knew they existed because Sony refused to advertise them).

They focus the advertising budget to games that you sell with bigger profit margins - which is the reason why the hyped big budget 3rd party games were never on Wii, as it would mean that the games had been sold cheaper than what you could have sold PS360.

yeah I never got that.  Look at what happened with TLoU they had a great name behind it sure but they strategically advertised it at shows for over a year and then during TWD finale as well as lots of TV adverts.  It was a new franchise and it sold 7m late in the gen when all the hype was about next gen.  If they had put some effort behind Puppeteer or not put it right next to GTA5 (August?) then it could have easily reached 1m with its quality.  Same with Sly.  They were both $40 at launch.

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Well its going to get a lot of indie titles. That's for sure...

just look at games like shadow of mordor hitting 2M already on PS4. Or LBP 1M or Driveclub 1.5M. Then you have Far Cry 4 at 3M and Dragon age over 1M already. PS4 will help a lot of publishers and devs get back in the game with the awesome software sales. Even The Crew is about to pass 1 million.

Blob said:

If anything companies like capcom and square enix making the games that people want simply comes down to the realisation that what they were doing wasn't working for them. None of this has anything to do with the ps4...

Maybe you're right or maybe they now know what their gamers want. But yeah, that's a valid way to look at things as well.


KLXVER said:
Well its going to get a lot of indie titles. That's for sure...

If those indies are games like Outlast, No Man's Sky, Rime or Wild that people like the brand them as indies, to me these are mid-tier games.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

I doubt it. Companies no longer take risks simply because of the cost of development and its not like PS4 is the cheapest to develop for either, easiest? Possibly.

Look at the developer that made Murdered: Soul Suspect. Barely a few weeks after its release the company closed down.

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LOL what? it was the devs choice to go casual and make shovelware.

They didn't have to do that last gen. The hardware was there to make games and there was plenty of them last gen that still entertained the core gamer.

ATM all we are seeing is HD remakes and yearly releases playing it safe with some new games here and there.



thatguymarco said:
 Gone are the days that gaming tried to be overly generic just to appeal to the masses!

Frankly, that's about all I've seen from the 8th gen so far. The bold standout titles that made last gen exciting just aren't there.

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TheSpindler said:

You're seeing what you want to see OP. If anything we are feeling the effects of last gen. Big studios working on big games, while indies do their thing, and mid-tier now pretty much dead.

Costs for development haven't gone down, they've gone up, and it's riskier to launch games.

The PS4 is continuing where the Xbox 360 left off, with of course better Japanese support. Although, with Japanese console devs hedging their bets on the struggling PS4 in Japan, I'm not too sure that'll work out well. When FF and MGS hits or maybe DQ, we'll see if it can recover.

The era of PS!/PS2 variety in console games is long gone. There are a few indie devs bringing some stuff back, but its them mostly mining nostalgia even worse than Nintendo does.

The 360's marketshare was primarily based off the marketshare Sony built themselves off of Nintendo. Microsoft hasnt built the industry as much as those two companies have. Third party games tend to be more abundant especially in an exclusive sense on Sony consoles and if you look at the past consoles that is a huge indicator. The sales have a greater spread amongst genre.

That's a satirical OP, right?

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RolStoppable said:
That's a satirical OP, right?

Likely so, but that shouldn't stop us from having a good conversation about the subject.

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