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Forums - Website Topics - vgchartz on mobile devices is Pretty much unusable

so I just wanted to Check out the forums on the go, but everytime I try to open a page on vgchartz, I get a Little something like this:


seriously, it just damn closes the page and presents me such a NSFW ad! Every freakin time! It's a matter of luck if I can ever look at the page for more than 3 seconds! I know a site needs ads to live and all, but that is just too much! Oh, and I'm sorry If there is already a topic like this, but I was unable to use the search function because of said ads. 

I am seriously pissed off right now, so I'm gonna give the Site a bad smiley! Watch!




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Im on my phone right now never have a problem

use adblock thats what what some mods recomended 

Yeah I also get an ad screen takeover which i can't click away on mobile... but i wish i had a NSFW ad.. I only get a "watch sports online" ad..


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I think is common knowledge at this point that VGC on mobile has some shady ads at times, however NSFW content is not allowed on the forum itself so please don't post pictures like that again please.

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I've never had any issues with using the site on mobile (windows phone).

I sometimes get a bug where the signatures and quotes get jumbled up at the top of the page, making me unable to read anything much.

Works fine on Android (Google Chrome)

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I'm using my phone now, with no issues.

Having said that yeah some questionable ads have appeared before.


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Agreed. There is no vgchartz buddy in mobile version. Plus its not user friendly in mobile.