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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Uncharted is copying Tomb Raider now?

wilco said:

We came full circle when the Tomb Raider reboot was trying to be uncharted and now it seems that we've looped back around and come full circle once more with Uncharted 4 looking a lot like the Tomb Raider reboot. 

There is no denying that it looks a lot like the Tomb Raider reboot. It certainly looks like Drake is stranded on an open world island, exactly like tomb raider.

The game definitely looks amazing but I don't think Uncharted needed to go open world. Part of the appeal of uncharted is the varied environments and globe trotting aspects of the game.

It's a bigger world, not open world. It looks just like uncharted 1, just better and bigger. It looks nothing like tomb raider. 

 It only makes sense that uncharted would be a bigger game on next gen console without the limitations of the last gen tech. 

Sounds like the op hasn't been gaming long :) 

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I don't think the whole game will be on that island. Uncharted is usually about globe hopping and variation. But yeah the demo they showed did remind me a bit of Tomb Raider, just a lot better executed.

The original Tomb Raider had no open world, but yes, that Uncharted 4 demo gave me a slight but distinct Tomb Raider look and feel. Not a bad thing IMHO, as it's not a cut and paste, but just a similar feel, and if it's true it's open world, that's a thing that was completely absent in the original and best first TR titles, so the game should be quite different. And TR arrived not to open-world, but to a large hub-based world quite late, so even UC4 openness can't be considered a TR rip-off.

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tomb raider was open world? could have fooled me.

Angelus said:
daredevil.shark said:

Those who are comparing these two (uncharted and tomb raider) started gaming after 2006. Probably with Xbox 360. Ask veterans.

Uncharted 4 looks like it took cue from old Indians Jones games, specifically "Indiana Jones and Emperors Tomb". They were excellent. People who are saying tomb raider similarity because of that wall climbing thingy. Lol.

BTW tomb raider is a franchise that always copied other big games. Indiana Jones served as an inspiration. But tomb raider legend was a "copy / paste" from "Prince of persia two thrones".

But nothing will change. Why? Because most of the people who are comparing have no idea what I am talking about and started gaming late.

That was an awesome game. High five for knowing it!

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Uncharted was always a take on tomb raider, but with a male lead character. And tomb raider was never ever a wana be uncharted game, like some people who dont know the history of the games. Either way both new versions, will be very good games I think.





HollyGamer said:
Tomb Raider (1994) influenced by Indiana Jones Movie and platformers games like Super Mario Brother.

Uncharted (last gen) influenced by Indiana Jones movies, and Resident Evil/Gears of wars action games and Crash bandicot.

Tomb Raider (2012) influenced by Uncharted purely and a little bit Tomb Rider (1994).

Uncharted (next gen/current Gen) influenced by Uncharted last gen, and The last of Us.

@bold - Not sure where you pulled SMB from to be honest.

Core's TR is influenced by Rick Dangerous for Amiga and Atari ST, also Core's game from 1989 - that game was influenced by Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Arc and arguably by the C64 game Montezuma's Revenge from '84.

Also, Prince of Persia 2D, Another World and Flashback with their timed jumps are obvious influences.

Short answer: no.

OP needs to go play the original Uncharted to see where the franchise has its roots and where the roots of the Tomb Raider reboot were conceived.

That said, the original Uncharted was rightfully labeled as "Dude Raider" given the similarities between Nathan Drake and Lara Croft in terms of what they do, but not where they come from. Nate being an orphan, living on the streets, taken in at childhood by a mentor of questionable repute, and Lara being the daughter of privilege and orphaned from Duke/Duchess/Lord/Lady parents, with the inheritance of her parents' estate and the financial resources to be a global dilettante-explorer.

Uncharted has always been Tomb Raider with a dude!

Looks good though.

Can you blame them?

Gameplay wise TR>>>> UC

Tighter platforming, more fluid and fast paced, tighter gunplay, basically anything with PLAY on the end is better in TR for me, the only thing that UC has over TR is the story.