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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Uncharted is copying Tomb Raider now?

We came full circle when the Tomb Raider reboot was trying to be uncharted and now it seems that we've looped back around and come full circle once more with Uncharted 4 looking a lot like the Tomb Raider reboot. 

There is no denying that it looks a lot like the Tomb Raider reboot. It certainly looks like Drake is stranded on an open world island, exactly like tomb raider.

The game definitely looks amazing but I don't think Uncharted needed to go open world. Part of the appeal of uncharted is the varied environments and globe trotting aspects of the game.

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Or its very much like all other Uncharted games, especially the first one.

Naughty Dog shows huge island = Uncharted 4 open world confirmed
okay then

Pretty sure Uncharted was always a male ver of tomb raider.

Drake travels to multiple locations in the new games . This is laughable speculation.

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poklane said:
Naughty Dog shows huge island = Uncharted 4 open world confirmed
okay then

I thought ND developing a AAA game = Open World.

Because every AAA game has to be open world these days =P

It looks like the last TR game but are they trying to copy it? No, the stealth system was trying to copy from TLoU though.


You have no idea what Uncharted 4 is, do you? Your speculation is laughable.

Uncharted 1 was on an island and i doubt its open world

How exactly is it open world? And how does it look like tomb raider? Because he was climbing rocks with an axe?