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Best Ninty controller

NES controller 6 1.42%
SNES Controller 40 9.43%
Nintendo 64 Controller 28 6.60%
Gamecube Controller 182 42.92%
WiiMote 27 6.37%
Wii Classic/Classic Pro 2 0.47%
Wii U Gamepad 69 16.27%
Wii U Pro Controller 70 16.51%

GC controller. Just because it has analog triggers. Which the Pro controller missed on.

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The GameCube one! It's simply so great!

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Definitely Gamecube controller! Playing Metroid Prime or Smash Bros Melee with that controller felt sooo good...

In my opinion, best and most comfortable controller i've ever used!


From a pure comfort perspective, the GC controller.
From a utilitarian perspective, the WiiU gamepad.

Gamecube only flaw is it doesn't do so well for 2D platforms in my opinion, I didn't expect for a few people so far to say N64.

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Pro controller for me. hope they'll release next year a Pro 2 with analog. :D

missed the N64 and GC generation though, so i couldn't comment on it if it is great.

Hard choice, there's a lot to be said about any of them. All have their plusses, all have their minuses.

I'd choose the N64 controller. Everything is just exactly where I want it to be on that controller.

It was rarely used, but wiimote with wii motion plus and nunchuck was pretty darn cool for skyward sword. i wish more games used that control scheme as the default.

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WiiU Gamepad for me. I've played them all...never really cared for the N64 controller. SNES is nice, Gamecube is awesome, Wiimote/Nunchuck is a beautiful thing. But really...I'm hoping that Nintendo continues to support this revolutionary new controller idea in the future, just as they have done with the Wiimote/nunchuck.

All hail the Virtual Boy controller! Such double D-pad goodness.

I voted for the GC controller, though. It was just so comfortable.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P