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This specific battle has been a year in the making. Back in 2013, I ask the identical question:


So basically just post which stick placement you prefer, and if your opinions have changed since moving to the next gen. Like last time I'll log results in the op.


JoeTheBro: symmetrical, hasn't changed

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Symmetrical... and Google choose symmetrical too.

But it is just little difference... I can play really fine with asymmetrical... so it is not a game changer.

Symmetrical, Nintendo style.

hmmm.... ive used both controllers and ive never had a problem with both to be honest... i think this will never go beyond the simple preference of the user in question.

I don't care to be honest. But for the sake of it I choose Assymetrical because it's more rad.

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I prefer symmetrical, but just like Etho, I can play perfectly fine with assymmetrical.

Symmetrical all the way

Really depends on the game, while I couldn't imagine playing Entwined on asymmetrical sticks.... I still prefer the Xbox feel overall.

Asymemetrical for me plix!

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Symmetrical I guess, but it isn't really something that takes a lot of adjustment switching between the two

WolfpackN64 said:
Symmetrical, Nintendo style.

*cough* Gamecube, New 3DS *cough*

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